15 Delicious Chocolate Brownie Recipes To Complete Your Meal

If you are anything like us, you tend to get a sweet craving every now and then. When you want to make something to satisfy your sweet craving there is one baked good that always comes to mind.

The chocolate brownie. It is simple but divine. They are a treat that you know you will love. 

Some of us might think we have perfected our chocolate brownie recipes, but there is always room for improvement. The best thing about chocolate brownies – well besides the taste – is that you can experiment with them.

Even with the simple chocolate brownie recipe, you can experiment with the recipe to change the end result.

Whether you choose to do this by adding chocolate, changing how long you bake them for or adding extra ingredients to spruce the flavor, there are so many possibilities. 

If you are unsure of all the endless possibilities of how you can make the best chocolate brownies, don’t worry. We have compiled a list of 15 delicious chocolate brownie recipes.

This list includes those simple but mouth-watering chocolate brownies, but also chocolate brownies that have something extra in them. Read on to find the perfect recipe for chocolate brownies for you. 

Quick Table: Delicious Chocolate Brownie Recipes

RecipesCalories Per ServingPreparation Time
Fudgy Cocoa Brownies12930 Minutes
Classic Chocolate Brownies27040 Minutes
Triple Chocolate Brownies26245 Minutes
Homemade Chocolate Chip Brownies33943 Minutes
No-Bake Chocolate Brownies21035 Minutes
Eggless Chocolate Brownies11514 Minutes
Dairy-Free Chocolate Brownies257250 Minutes
Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownies49955 Minutes
Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Brownies35555 Minutes
Classic Mint Chocolate Brownies339.571 Hour 35 Minutes
Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies4322 Hours 30 Minutes
Chocolate Caramel Brownies46045 Minutes
Chocolate Raspberry Brownies4201 Hour 40 Minutes
Chocolate Hazelnut Brownies36255 Minutes
Espresso Chocolate Chunk Brownies40732 Minutes

15 Delicious Chocolate Brownie Recipes To Complete Your Meal

15 Delicious Chocolate Brownie Recipes To Complete Your Meal

What makes a chocolate brownie recipe so special? While it may be difficult to pinpoint the answer to that question, it is certain that the combination of ingredients used in the process of making a chocolate brownie recipe make it a favorite for many people. Chocolate brownie recipes typically contains butter, cocoa powder, eggs, and sugar.


  • Fudgy Cocoa Brownies
  • Classic Chocolate Brownies
  • Triple Chocolate Brownies
  • Homemade Chocolate Chip Brownies
  • No-Bake Chocolate Brownies
  • Eggless Chocolate Brownies
  • Dairy-Free Chocolate Brownies
  • Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownies
  • Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Brownies
  • Classic Mint Chocolate Brownies
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies
  • Chocolate Caramel Brownies
  • Chocolate Raspberry Brownies
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Brownies
  • Espresso Chocolate Chunk Brownies

1. Fudgy Cocoa Brownies

We are starting this list off by looking at a wonderful fudgy chocolate brownie recipe. This delectable brownie recipe ticks all the boxes. If you enjoy a gooey and chewy brownie this is the one for you.

The best thing about this recipe is it is all made in one bowl! We all love a way to reduce the amount of cleaning we have to do. This sumptuous chocolate brownie recipe makes 16 brownie squares.

Calories Per Serving: 129

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes

2. Classic Chocolate Brownies

There is nothing quite like a good old classic brownie recipe. If you are someone who enjoys all things classic, then you are going to adore these delectable chocolate brownies.

This brownie recipe makes gooey chocolate brownies with a crispy top. This classic chocolate brownie recipe has a serving size of 12 brownies.

It also takes a total time 45 minutes to make these brownies so you can have delicious chocolate brownies within the hour. 

Calories Per Serving: 270

Preparation Time: 40 Minutes

3. Triple Chocolate Brownies

There is nothing more chocolatey than three different types of chocolate stuffed into one brownie. If you have an intense sweet tooth craving for chocolate then this is the perfect recipe for you.

You need to make these tantalizing chocolate brownies. This recipe will allow you to make 16 beautiful brownies for everyone to enjoy. On top of that, it will only take you 40 minutes to make them! 

Calories Per Serving: 262

Preparation Time: 45 Minutes

4. Homemade Chocolate Chip Brownies

We are bringing it back to the classics, an amazing chocolate chip brownie recipe. Is there anything better than homemade sweet treats? We can just imagine that sweet soothing smell of baking brownie batter flowing through our homes.

This gooey brownie recipe will make 9 servings. You can have these brownies ready to eat in exactly 43 minutes. 

Calories Per Serving: 339

Preparation Time: 43 Minutes

5. No-Bake Chocolate Brownies

We know what you are thinking, is it a brownie if you don’t bake it? Well, we think so. If there is ever a reason you can’t bake tasty brownies then this is the recipe for you.

These intense chocolate brownies are a healthier alternative to the baked goods we have already put on this list. This recipe makes 9 brownies in 15 minutes. We think that is a win. 

Calories Per Serving: 210

Preparation Time: 35 Minutes

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6. Eggless Chocolate Brownies

Some people don’t eat eggs and we respect that. So for those of you who crave chocolate brownies but can’t eat eggs, we’ve got you covered. These chocolate brownies have a cake-like texture for you to enjoy.

Following this delicious recipe, you will end up with 16 chocolate brownie pieces. This recipe takes a total time of 50 minutes to make the chocolate brownies.

Calories Per Serving: 115

Preparation Time: 14 Minutes

7. Dairy-Free Chocolate Brownies

We had to include an option for everyone out there who is living that dairy-free lifestyle. Some of you might think it was impossible to get dairy-free brownies, we surely did but it isn’t!

This recipe makes fantastically gooey and chocolatey brownies. With this recipe, you are able to make 8 brownies as it is a small batch brownie recipe.

Calories Per Serving: 2572

Preparation Time: 50 Minutes

8. Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownies

For those of you who are gluten intolerant, fear not! This is the perfect recipe for you. If you want a gooey, chewy, rich, and indulgent brownie, this is the recipe you need to try. And it is gluten-free!

This recipe takes a total time of 55 minutes to make. The recipe also doesn’t have any Xanthan gum in it for those who wish to avoid that. 

Calories Per Serving: 499

Preparation Time: 55 Minutes

9. Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Brownies

Marble is so popular these days it has made its way into our food. Not the stone, the design. To be honest, we love it! For those of you who are ready to wow your guests with some stunning chocolate brownies then this is the recipe for you.

This chocolate vanilla swirl brownie is everything you need to spruce up your regular chocolate brownies.

Calories Per Serving: 355

Preparation Time: 55 Minutes

10. Classic Mint Chocolate Brownies

Let’s talk about flavors that go well with chocolate. Mint is one of the top ones. If you are someone who is looking for a way to get creative with your chocolate brownies, then adding mint to them is a great way to switch it up.

We adore the fact that this recipe has scrumptious mint frosting on top of the chocolate brownies. This recipe makes 24 brownies, enough to last you a while! 

Calories Per Serving: 339.57

Preparation Time: 1 Hour 35 Minutes

11. Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies

Chocolate and peanut butter are such a dreamy combination. If you are ready to amplify your chocolate brownie recipe then you need to try this one out.

This recipe is simple to follow and it takes a total time of 1 hour and 20 minutes to make these chocolate and peanut butter brownies.

The recipe makes 12 servings. When making this recipe you end up with a gooey chocolate brownie with a crunchy surprise. 

Calories Per Serving: 432

Preparation Time: 2 Hours 30 Minutes

12. Chocolate Caramel Brownies

If you are something that has an intense sweet tooth, then sweetening up your chocolate brownie recipe with caramel is the way to go.

This intoxicating chocolate caramel brownie recipe is a little difficult to make, but it is totally worth the hassle.

This recipe makes 15 rich and sweet chocolate caramel brownies. Following this recipe will mean you have these chocolate caramel brownies ready in 45 minutes.

Calories Per Serving: 460

Preparation Time: 45 Minutes

13. Chocolate Raspberry Brownies

We knew that since this list was about chocolate brownies there needed to be an option with berries on it. Raspberries go so well with chocolate and they are even better when combined in a brownie.

If you want to give your chocolate brownie recipe an extra kick to it, then this is the recipe for you. This recipe makes 15 brownie squares, so there is enough for everyone to enjoy.

Calories Per Serving: 420

Preparation Time: 1 Hour 40 Minutes

14. Chocolate Hazelnut Brownies

Our second to last brownie option is a tried and tested flavor. Chocolate and hazelnut. For those who want to make a sophisticated chocolate brownie adding hazelnut in the mix will do that for you.

These chocolate hazelnut brownies are soft and chewy with a fantastic nutty crunch to them. This recipe makes 10 brownies. 

Calories Per Serving: 362

Preparation Time: 55 Minutes

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15. Espresso Chocolate Chunk Brownies

We are finishing this list with another mature chocolate brownie recipe. Coffee really elevates any chocolate recipe. If you are someone who can’t get enough coffee, you need to make these delectable chocolate brownies.

This recipe makes a rich and intense brownie that would go perfect with a nice cup of coffee. The recipe makes one 9 by 13 tray. 

Calories Per Serving: 407

Preparation Time: 32 Minutes

Final Thoughts

That brings us to the end of this list looking at 15 delicious chocolate brownie recipes. We are hungry just thinking about all these amazing chocolate brownies that need to be made. 

Hopefully, we have helped you find the perfect chocolate brownie recipe for you. Chocolate brownies and how you make them are personal. Don’t be afraid to change the recipe to suit whatever sweet craving you have. 

All that is left to say is have fun baking these delicious chocolate brownies! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Should I Refrigerate My Chocolate Brownies? 

If you would like to have your chocolate brownies taste the same and have the same texture, it is best if you don’t store your chocolate brownies in the refrigerator.

So our simple answer to this question is no, you shouldn’t store your chocolate brownies in the refrigerator. Putting your brownies in the refrigerator actually makes them become stale at a faster rate.

This is because it draws out the moisture from your chocolate brownies making them dry. 

Instead, you should put your chocolate brownies in an airtight container. Or you could wrap each brownie individually in plastic wrap to make sure no air gets to them. 

Should I Cut My Chocolate Brownies When They Are Warm Or Cold? 

There is no complete right or wrong answer to this question. It really depends on whether you want to deal with messy chocolate brownies or not.

If you simply cannot wait until your chocolate brownies have cooled down to cut them, you might find that cutting them leaves a lot of mess.

That is because when the chocolate brownies are warm, the inside of the brownie is gooey. This then sticks to your knife. Cutting warm brownies can also make them start to fall apart. 

We recommend waiting until your brownies are cool before you cut them. We know, we hate waiting for brownies to cool but trust us. This way you can avoid the mess and get nice even edges. 

How Long Do Chocolate Brownies Last?

The time that chocolate brownies stay in a good enough condition to eat completely depends on how you store them.

If you store your chocolate brownies in an airtight container or covered in plastic wrap they should last for around 4 to 5 days. Although if you are anything like us, they’ll be long gone before we reach the fourth day. 

If you choose to store them in the refrigerator, they will go stale after a few days and won’t be worth eating. This is the same if you leave your chocolate brownies out in the open, they will dry out quickly. 

Can I Freeze My Chocolate Brownies?

Yes! You can freeze chocolate brownies. Although if you choose to freeze them, you need to be careful of freezer burn. Freezing chocolate brownies without any coverings could change the texture of the chocolate brownies.

We recommend cutting the brownies into squares and wrapping them in plastic wrap. Then either wrap them in foil or put them in a freezer bag to make sure they aren’t affected by freezer burn. 


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