15 Amazing Chocolate Bark Recipes

Recipes around the holidays can be so fun to get involved in making yourself, especially when they’re easy, practical, and use up the mounds of chocolate that you’ve got stocked and piled high this year because you went overboard on the Christmas shopping.

We all do it, so why not try a chocolate bark recipe to use up some of that chocolate instead of it being left until next year or regifted to a loved one for a birthday. All those things are great, but why not give your leftover chocolate another use?

1. Christmas Chocolate Bark: Matcha and Cranberry Delight | Tin and Thyme

When it comes down to making chocolate bark, there are limitless ways to have fun with the recipes and use any kinds of ingredients you want! This recipe makes use of a marbled effect for the top layer of the bark and it just looks too good to eat!

It features a rich layer of dark chocolate, followed by a marbled layer of sweet white chocolate flavored with cranberries and matcha tea.

We also love how chocolate bark can be combined with countless flavor combinations you may want to try so feel free to raid the pantry for this recipe!

2. Triple Chocolate Bark: Thermapen Giveaway – Recipes Made Easy

You can truly have so much fun in the kitchen with this recipe by Recipes Made Easy, they’ve made use of chocolate eggs, that can appeal well for the young and the older generations because chocolate is fun for everyone!

They recommend trying another of their chocolate bark recipes which utilize salted rosemary if you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated.

However, both are amazing for serving up as a treat or for after-dinner coffees. There really is a perfect use for these bark recipes for every occasion

3. Easy Chocolate Bark Recipe – Cookie and Kate

There really isn’t a way to go wrong with chocolate bark recipes, the only two ingredients are chocolate and toppings so we can guarantee you’ve got everything you’ll need already stocked up in the pantry.

This recipe by Cookie and Kate features the use of dried nuts and fruits such as cranberries and sultanas for a tasty and practical Christmas treat!

You’ve got the option of toasting the assorted nuts beforehand or using them as they are to sprinkle on top of your melted chocolate

4. Kinder Chocolate Bar Bark – Annie’s Noms (anniesnoms.com)

 A family favorite chocolate bar is always fun to make use of in recipes and we love this recipe by Annie’s Noms!

They’ve made use of kinder chocolate bars to add something a little more special and amazing to the chocolate bark recipe, it makes for a great topping on the overall bark and you can use as many or as few kinder bars as you want to make this recipe.

Be sure to top off the bark with the chunkiest pieces of kinder as possible to really get that bark texture for Christmas. 

5. Superfood Chocolate Bark – My Fussy Eater | Easy Kids Recipes

Chocolate has this amazing thing about it that makes it so diverse, it just goes with everything! So, why not make use of berries, pistachios, and coconut flakes in your dark rich chocolate bark recipe to add something sweet, and something salted to the bark.

Sweet and salty combinations go beautifully together and chocolate combinations are never-ending with the number of berries, flakes, nuts, spices, and herbs out there that can and will compliment your homemade chocolate bark.

The coconut flakes in this recipe are refreshing and divine to add something unique to the texture and taste of your bark.

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6. White Chocolate Bark (foodnetwork.co.uk)

Bark recipes can be perfect for Christmas and the holidays because of how convenient they are for every age group, and how easy they are to make in under 60 minutes!

This recipe by the Food Network can be prepared and made in 40 minutes and can serve up to 16 people at any party or family gathering event.

We love the white chocolate element to this recipe alongside the pistachios, dried cranberries, and dried apricots toppings. Apricots and cranberries go amazingly with white chocolate as the sweetness balances itself out.

Why not try other dried fruits to find a unique recipe combination that works for what you have available in the house.

7. French Chocolate Bark (foodnetwork.co.uk)

Another Food Network recipe for you to try out and this one brings a taste of France to your Christmas party! This french chocolate bark recipe uses two types of chocolate for a rich and creamy bar topped with dried fruits and salted nuts of your choice!

We highly recommend mixing the two chocolates together when melted to combine their best qualities rather than layering the two melted chocolates on top of each other.

This way you can really enjoy the elements of both in each mouthful and possibly find your new favorite flavor combinations.

8. Chocolate Cereal Bark – Sweet Enchanted

This recipe by Sweet Enchanted is so fun to get your kids involved in baking something sweet and delightful!

Simply melt the white chocolate and spread it onto a baking parchment sheet, and let the kids go wild with cereals, fruits, and chocolate toppings of their choice.

You can also make use of older cereals in the back of your pantry with this recipe so it’s practical and fun to get involved in! 

9. Christmas Chocolate Bark (goodhousekeeping.com)

This Christmas-inspired chocolate bark recipe by Good House Keeping may take an extended amount of time and effort to complete, but the results are spectacular and you’ll be so pleased you decided to have fun with this recipe!

You can use pretzels, chocolate pieces, fruits, nuts, and much more to create reindeer, snowman, and festive creatures on your chocolate bark.

There is an ingredients list but we think with this recipe you can make use of everything in your pantry if you don’t already have most of the ingredients to hand!

10. Nutty chocolate bark | The Food Medic

For the extreme nut enthusiasts out there who just can’t get enough salted nuts and pistachios into their recipes, this one is perfect for you!

This chocolate bark recipe by The Food Medic involves the use of various types of nuts for the toppings of the bark and you can add in as many kinds as you want to! Many nut types go very well together so whatever you’ve got, make use of it!

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11. Winter bark recipe | delicious. magazine (deliciousmagazine.co.uk)

We love this festive bark recipe by Delicious Magazine because of the divine sugared orange pieces you can pair with it! It’s the perfect recipe for all the family around Christmas and it compliments other foods you may have around the table well!

Try dried oranges and cinnamon sticks with this recipe as they go beautifully with chocolate bark. 

12. Caramel Shortbread Chocolate Bark (just four ingredients) (thespeltkitchen.com)

Fancy trying a deluxe chocolate bark recipe this year?

Well, we’ve got you covered with a recipe fit for the gods above.

This chocolate bark includes the use of another amazing and rich dessert to create a truly luxurious chocolate bark recipe that may require more time and effort to pull off, but the results are to die for!

Caramel shortbread alone is mouthwatering and when combined with chocolate bark? Well, we were left speechless from this recipe!

The only way you’ll find out just how amazing this recipe is, is by trialing it for yourself and your loved ones so get stuck in and have some fun whilst doing so.

13. White chocolate unicorn bark recipe | BBC Good Food

Who doesn’t love an excuse to create enchanted unicorns and fairy tales in their recipes? And the kids will fall in love with this recipe as what child doesn’t love the idea of making unicorn chocolate bark!

You can make use of any food coloring you have available to make bright and playful colors for the white chocolate bark pieces which can be decorated with any toppings you can imagine!

Get stuck in and use the most colorful things you have in your pantry for this recipe.

14. Sweetshop chocolate slab recipe | BBC Good Food

We fell in love with this chocolate bark recipe because of its use of a diverse range of chocolate snacks and bars.

This is the physical representation of a sweet shop in a bar and we think you will love it all the more when you use up all the leftover chocolates and sweets to create a unique sweetshop-inspired chocolate bark slab.

Your family may think you’ll have gone mad, but the more creative you get with this recipe the better!

15. Easter Chocolate Bark (thirtyhandmadedays.com)

This Easter-inspired chocolate bark bar is so fun for the kids to not only get involved in but share with all their little friends!

The colors and the flavors you can include in this recipe are limitless, so grab whatever easter chocolate you have and use it to create a unique Easter chocolate bark for the kids to indulge on!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Microwave Chocolate Bark?

There are so many food combinations and toppings you can make use of in chocolate bark recipes. Melting the chocolate in the microwave before adding these toppings is probably the best and easiest way to make your chocolate bark.

It’s also safe for children because as long as they’re monitored, they can make this recipe themselves.

Simply microwave the chocolate for 30-40 seconds, stirring in between each round until it’s completely melted. However, be careful not to burn the chocolate!

What is Bittersweet Chocolate Bark?

Usually, bittersweet chocolate and white chocolate are melted together and combined to make an amazing sweet treat around the holidays. Bittersweet chocolate bark would make use of many toppings that compliment each other such as nuts and dried fruits.

Final Thoughts

We have created a truly diverse and unique list of the best chocolate bark recipes out there so you don’t have to scour the internet yourself when you’re in a hurry!

Our favorite recipe was the caramel shortbread chocolate bark recipe because of the rich ingredients involved in making it. We hope you were able to find a new favorite in this list and if not, then it’s okay to love them all! 


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