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Jessica My Baking Heart

Baking is one of the best pastimes. Not only do cakes taste amazing when cooked correctly, but there is something so rewarding about baking a cake and seeing the finished product after it has been decorated.

When it comes to baking, a lot of people assume that it is very difficult. However, once you have a good understanding of the basics, following recipes could not be easier. You just need to know the basic and necessary skills, and the rest is simple.

If you have the correct equipment, such as a mixer or a hand blender, this can make all the difference too. It cuts down the time you need to spend mixing all the ingredients together, and it allows you to beat the mixture more evenly.

Hi! My name is Jessica, and I recently decided to set up the site My Baking Heart, as an extension of my love for baking. It is something I have enjoyed since being a young child, when I would bake cookies and cakes with my grandma.

Over the years, I have developed my skills and love to try all kinds of baking, from genoise sponges, to peach cobbler, and everything in between. New recipes are so much fun to follow and recreate.

Through this site, I hope to teach others the basics of baking, from how to use certain equipment, to the best types of recipes to follow. My site is a mixture of useful informational content, recipes, and of course, review of the best types of baking equipment.


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