15 Stunning Chocolate Truffle Recipes

There is nothing quite like the flavorful explosion that follows taking a bite of a tasty chocolate truffle.

These chocolatey delicacies are absolutely delicious, and loved by everyone. The only downside to these bite sized balls of goodness is that you can forget how many you have eaten, and may end up making your way through the entire box. Totally worth it, though.

15 Stunning Chocolate Truffle Recipes

Beautifully wrapped chocolate truffles in boxes will put a grin on anyone’s face. Plus, they’re incredibly simple to prepare at home!

Here, we have prepared a list of fifteen delectable chocolate truffles recipes for you to try at home. Whether you are preparing desserts for a party or get-together, or you simply just want something sweet to snack on in the comfort of your own home, these bites are perfect for any occasion.

So, let’s get into it! Here are fifteen easy recipes to create your very own stunning chocolate truffles.

1. Easy Chocolate Truffles (BBC Good Food)

Before we get into the fancier variants on this list, let’s start at the very beginning (a very good place to start, according to Julie Andrews).

Only three ingredients are required to create these simple yet delicious chocolate truffles: chocolate, double cream, and unsalted butter. You most likely already have some of these ingredients in your kitchen!

This recipe only takes five minutes to cook, although you will need to allow them to cool for four hours. These sweet treats are definitely worth waiting for.

2. Raspberry Chocolate Truffle (Wild Wild Whisk)

This Raspberry Chocolate Truffle recipe combines the beautiful flavors of raspberry and dark chocolate, creating the most gorgeous and tasty raspberry truffles you’ll ever make.

They have a tangy and sweet taste and aroma, with a vibrant pink centre. They’re ideal for a delicious treat.

The first bite will permanently change the way you make chocolate truffles, presenting a gorgeous pink tinted truffle filling made with freeze dried raspberry. Somehow, it tastes even better than it looks!

3. Boozy Irish Whiskey Chocolate Truffles (Irish American Mom)

The wonderfully creamy truffle centre of these tasty Irish whiskey chocolate truffles is infused with the flavor of Ireland.

Why not try making your own homemade chocolate truffles with an Irish twist, whether you’re making a special delicacy for St. Patrick’s Day or just producing tiny treats for yourself and your loved ones? These alcoholic sweets will not disappoint, we promise!

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4. Dark Chocolate Truffles (Restless Chipotle)

These effortless dark chocolate truffles are both velvety and sophisticated, making them ideal treats for your nearest and dearest.

Dark chocolate truffles are silky smooth, gorgeous, and incredibly simple to create. The secret to the velvety texture? This ultra-rich, homemade candy recipe relies heavily on butter. Serve them on a platter alongside your after-dinner coffee, or quietly savour one to lift your spirits.

5. White Chocolate Blueberry Truffles (Omg Chocolate Desserts)

These wonderful, exquisite lilac-colored white chocolate truffles are the bite-sized sweets of your fantasies.

You can make your own White Chocolate Blueberry Truffles with only 5 ingredients: white chocolate, butter, cream, and blueberries, coated in icing sugar. Artificial colors and tastes are not utilised, because they are simply unnecessary!

Containing both fruity and chocolatey flavors, you are guaranteed to love these treats.

6. Vegan Matcha Chocolate Truffles (Rhian’s Recipes)

These unmistakably green Matcha Chocolate Truffles are vibrantly colored, luscious and smooth, and are incredibly simple to make. Plus, they are vegan!

The earthy tartness of the matcha green tea powder perfectly complements the rich white chocolate sweetness, and the luxuriously soft, ultra milky texture of the chopped nuts.

Best of all, matcha not only has a delightful flavor and a beautiful green tint, but it also has a slew of both medical and therapeutic benefits.

7. Brussels Sprouts Chocolate Truffles (Sew White Christmas Recipes)

The Chocolate Truffle Sprouts taste much better than the vegetable it is based off of, and are undeniably adorable!

Brussels Sprouts Chocolate Truffles are a fun and funny Christmas treat that will undoubtedly keep your company amused (especially the children).

A creamy chocolate truffle encased in a chocolate casing that has been tinted green using food coloring gel. These sweet snacks are a lot of fun to create, and they’re even more enjoyable to make your kids this Christmas.

8. Caramel Stuffed White Chocolate Cake Truffles (The Loopy Whisk)

These white chocolate truffles with a caramel and cake filling are the perfect sweet celebration surprise.

This recipe for caramel packed white chocolate cake truffles will result in a delicious, gluten-free dessert that everyone will enjoy. There’s nothing not to like about these cake truffles: they’re unbelievably beautiful, wickedly tasty, and very quick to create.

Don’t forget to finish with a sprinkling of lovely golden sprinkles!

9. Prosecco Truffles (Recipes Made Easy)

If you are someone who can appreciate a glass of prosecco in the evenings (or a couple), these Prosecco Truffles are for you.

These chocolate truffles are creamy and indulgent, with a subtle prosecco-flavored interior coated in silky smooth milk chocolate. They’re actually surprisingly easy to create.

For a wonderful, gorgeous finish, be sure to roll them in cocoa powder or icing sugar blitzed with frozen raspberries to make a pretty pink glaze.

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10. Kinder Bueno Hazelnut Truffles (The Sweet Balance)

We are yet to meet someone who isn’t a huge fan of Kinder chocolate, especially Kinder Bueno. If you are a fan, you will love these sweet, nutty truffles.

These Kinder Bueno Truffles are truly delightful, rolled in crushed up cookies and roasted nuts, and the sweet hazelnut crème in the centre is just divine.

You can make these yourself with some melted white chocolate, hazelnut butter, condensed milk, hazelnuts, and cookies, and they will taste exactly like the creamy Kinder Bueno sauce.

11. Easy Dark Chocolate Avocado Truffles (Detoxinista)

These avocado-based chocolate truffles are truly delectable, and so incredibly easy to whip up in your own kitchen.

You can easily prepare these dark chocolate truffles rather than buying a box of store-bought confections, saving yourself some pennies.

The richness of these truffles comes from a fresh avocado, rather than heavy cream or butter, as in usual recipes. Don’t worry if you don’t like avocados: the chocolatey ingredients in these truffles disguise the avocado flavor.

12. Rich Cappuccino Truffles Recipe (The Spruce Eats)

This recipe goes out to all our coffee lovers reading this list! These truffles are the ones for you.

Cappuccino truffles are a delectable way to satisfy your caffeine cravings, morning or night. Soft white chocolate truffles with a strong coffee flavor, small chocolate chips, and a creamy milk chocolate shell. You could even swap out the chocolate morsels for chopped nuts if you prefer.

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13. Maple Walnut Truffles (Crazy For Crust)

The syrupy and nutty flavours in these Maple Walnut Truffles are incredibly rich, with just the right amount of chocolate!

Homemade truffles are actually quite simple to create, despite their appearance. The maple buttercream filling is chocolate-coated and tastes incredible. You can give these homemade truffles as gifts, or enjoy them yourself if you’re not a sharer. We wouldn’t blame you!

14. Festive Minted Oreo Truffles (Peanut Blossom)

Mint and chocolate is one of the nation’s favorite combinations when it comes to desserts. What could possibly make this combo even better? Oreos!

These no-bake minty Oreo truffle cookies are wonderful for a Christmas cookie platter, but they can be enjoyed and devoured any time of year. They look as good as they taste, with bright, colourful sprinkles decorating the chocolatey shell. We definitely recommend these tasty, bite sized treats.

15. Rainbow Truffles (Cut Out + Keep)

Last, but certainly not least, we have a recipe for the prettiest chocolate truffles that you will ever lay eyes on.

Who knew rainbows had a cake-like flavour? In a spherical form, these truffles will make you feel like you are riding a sparkly unicorn through a magical night’s sky. The outside is plain white, yet one bite reveals all the colours of the rainbow. The kids will love these snacks!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Chocolate Truffles Made From?

Chocolate truffles are produced by rolling chocolate ganache into a ball and dusting it with cocoa powder. Chocolate ganache itself is made by combining chocolate and double cream, heating the mixture up, and allowing it to cool for a few hours. This candy does not actually include any genuine truffles.

What Chocolate Should Be Used To Make Chocolate Truffles?

Any reasonable quality chocolate will work when manufacturing truffles, but a nice semi-sweet chocolate with around 60% cacao content is the best ingredient to use to create the perfect, not-too-sweet flavor.

The recipe may call for butter and/or corn syrup in addition to the chocolate and cream used to make the ganache.

How Long Does It Take To Chill Chocolate Truffles?

Before rolling the truffles into balls, the ganache should be chilled for at least an hour or two, allowing the mixture to harden enough to mold into shape.

If you don’t want to make the truffles right away, pour the chocolate ganache into an airtight container and freeze it for up to 1-2 months, then defrost and use when needed.

How Do You Make Truffles At Home?

Chocolate and heavy/whipping cream are two essential ingredients when creating truffles (although other recipes may require further ingredients). The cream is warmed and poured onto broken up chocolate, then this mixture is whipped until a ganache is produced.

The truffles are then shaped into little spheres, and then dipped in chocolate or rolled in cocoa powder once the ganache has completely set. To finish, the truffles may be covered with crushed candy or nuts of your choice, or they can be left plain.

Final Thoughts

Chocolate truffles are perfect all year round, and there will definitely be a recipe for every person in this list. We hope you have fun trying them all out.



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