15 Stunning Arnold Palmer Dessert Recipes

An Arnold Palmer is one of the most refreshing drinks you can enjoy, and is a mixture of iced tea and lemonade. You can also enjoy it as an alcoholic beverage with the addition of vodka.

The beverage was named after the American golfer Arnold Palmer, who became known for ordering an iced tea mixed with lemonade.

But the beverage flavor combinations are not just for delicious beverages! You can incorporate them into cupcakes, cookies flavour, ice creams, ice pops, and Madeleines too for desserts that are as refreshing as they are sweet and are perfect to be enjoyed during the summer. 

Next time you’re on the green, why not bring one of these snacks to enjoy in between holes? We’re sure this beverage would approve!

1. The Masters – Arnold Palmer Cupcakes (Iced Tea And Lemonade)

Is there a better time to enjoy an Arnold Palmer cupcake than during Masters Week? This recipe uses lemon and tea in the buttercream frosting and the cake frosting, and strong tea instead of water.

The buttercream frosting is infused with heavy whipping cream and tea, and lemon extract is added for more of a citrus flavor. 

2. Arnold Palmer Cupcakes

These cupcakes are another great sweet treat to serve if you have friends and family coming over to watch the Masters!

3. Arnold Palmer Lemon Cupcake

This Arnold Palmer lemon cupcake condenses all the flavors you love from an Arnold Palmer into an irresistible cupcake!

4. Iced Tea Cupcakes With Lemon Frosting

These iced tea cupcakes with lemon frosting have the distinct flavor of an Arnold Palmer and are sure to refresh you in the summer months! These adorable cupcakes would be great to serve at a BBQ. After all, nothing says summer quite like refreshing citrus flavors and a tall, cool glass of iced tea.

You can place some lemon candy sticks and sugary fruit wedges on the cupcakes, so they resemble the straws and fruit wedges you might find on an Arnold Palmer, but be warned they might look too cute to eat!

5. Arnold Palmer Texas Sheet Cake

We’ve looked at some Arnold Palmer inspired cupcakes, but now let’s turn our attention to another Arnold Palmer inspired dessert – this Texas sheet cake! It’s great to bring along to a BBQ, potluck, or any other social event you find yourself invited to this summer!

The lemon icing for this cake is made in a saucepan and when it’s still warm poured over the cake for a smooth, effortless finish. This delicious cake is packed with unmistakable Arnold Palmer flavors.

6. Arnold Palmer Madeleines

Arnold Palmers truly are the best drink for a hot, summer day, whether you enjoy yours with alcohol or not! It quenches your thirst when the sun is beating down, and is crisp and refreshing, just like these adorable, unique Madeleines!

7. Sweet Tea And Lemonade Cake

This sweet tea and lemonade cake tastes just like an Arnold Palmer, and with 2 tablespoons of vodka or bourbon in the lemon juice it can taste just like an alcoholic Arnold Palmer!

8. Arnold Palmer Cupcakes From TFRecipes

These cupcakes are a fun twist on Arnold Palmer inspired desserts, and a slice of lemon on top makes for a lip-smacking finish.

9. Arnold Palmer Cupcakes From Paula Deen

These Arnold Palmer cupcakes are a great sweet treat to serve during Masters Week, and would even make a fun, sweet addition to a tailgate.

10. Almost Arnold Palmer Cupcakes

These cupcakes get their name because while there is a hint of the sweet tea vodka flavor of an Arnold Palmer, it isn’t too strong. But for an even stronger vodka flavor you can replace all the water with vodka.

These cakes are light, refreshing and sure to be snapped up quick by whomever you serve them to!

11. Father’s Day Arnold Palmer Cupcakes

If your dad is a golf fan – or just a fan of Arnold Palmers – why not make him these cakes for Father’s Day? After all, you can’t put a price on homemade gifts, especially ones as delicious as these!

These cupcakes are half iced tea flavored, and half lemonade flavored, and taste just as good as they look! Their decoration is sure to remind your dad of days on the green… even memories of losing balls in the water or sand trap will sting a little less when he’s munching on these cupcakes!

12. Arnold Palmer Ice Cream

From Arnold Palmer cupcakes to Arnold Palmer ice cream. Seriously, how refreshing does that sound? This ice cream is crunchy yet creamy, and oh so delicious!

It’ll be tough to find a more refreshing ice cream, and the caffeine in this ice cream is sure to give you a buzz!

While it might be tempting to just scoop this ice cream straight out of the ice cream maker, definitely don’t skip on the lemon zest and tea crunchies, as they really elevate this ice cream! 

While the recipe calls for the use of pasteurized raw eggs, you can also temper the eggs and make a custard for this ice cream if you wish.

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13. Arnold Palmer Ice Pops (A.K.A. Half & Half Pops)

From ice cream to ice pops! Half-strong black iced tea and half lemonade is a heck of a combination, and in frozen form it’s seriously intense and beyond refreshing!

When making these ice pops you can opt for caffeinated black tea, or you can choose decaffeinated tea, it’s totally up to you! However, the caffeinated version is sure to wake you up on a hot, languid summer’s day. 

14. Arnold Palmer Cookies: Lemon Cookies With Iced Tea Drizzle

There is so much to love about summer, like busting out your summer clothes and spending more time outside. However, summer can get humid and sticky and leave you gasping for a drink! Any drink!

But what’s more refreshing than an Arnold Palmer? Maybe an Arnold Palmer and cookies inspired by the famous beverage?

Not only are these sure to refresh and delight everybody you invite to your summer BBQs, but these Arnold Palmer cookies are great to bring along to a bake sale too!

The intense citrus flavor of the cookie pairs incredibly well with the Pure Leaf Iced Tea but remains refreshingly simple. You’re going to need a double batch!

The day before you plan on baking, let your butter and eggs reach room temperature, and be sure to use real lemon rather than a bottle of lemon juice. 

15. Arnold Palmer Shortbread Cookies

The blend of tannins and tart flavors that comprise an Arnold Palmer is a heavenly combination, and these cookies showcase just that. 

This recipe uses English breakfast tea and blends it with dried lemon peel, for a refreshing, fragrant powder that can elevate any baked good – not just cookies!

But even if you don’t want this powder folded directly into your baked goods, you can still sprinkle this powder on top of your sweet treats for a similar effect. 

The Arnold Palmer powder in this recipe gives a zing to classic buttery shortbread cookies, that are perfect for dipping in a cup of tea… or enjoying alongside an icy Arnold Palmer in your backyard. 

This recipe recommends preparing the Arnold Palmer powder a couple of days ahead of time. The waiting is the hard part, as you can make these cookies in no time!

However, a word of warning, the aroma of these cookies as they bake may ignite the urge to use the Arnold Palmer powder as a chicken rub, an oatmeal topping, or even as an addition to whipped cream.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Most Popular Type Of Cupcake?

The most popular type of cupcake is chocolate and vanilla. It’s easy to see why, as they combine two iconic staple ingredients in desserts.

It’s hard to beat a chocolate and vanilla cupcake, although our Arnold Palmer cupcake selections might give it a run for its money!

What Is Added To An Arnold Palmer To Make It Alcoholic?

Vodka is what is added to an Arnold Palmer to make it alcoholic. An alcoholic Arnold Palmer contains just three ingredients. These are lemonade, iced tea, and vodka.

What Tea Is Good For An Arnold Palmer?

Iced teas often use black tea, and this is the case for an Arnold Palmer too. However, you can also use Oolong iced tea in an Arnold Palmer, as it is naturally sweet that gives the drink a subtle twist.

However, for the tastiest iced tea, you should use the hot brew method. Teas have different brewing times and temperatures, which are often stated on their packaging.

Make sure to follow these instructions, take the tea bags and give them plenty of time to chill, and you’re sure to have a tastier iced tea.

Final Thoughts

Who says Arnold Palmers can only be enjoyed in liquid form in a tall, icy glass? While that does sound incredible, these flavors can easily be incorporated into a number of desserts, from cupcakes to cookies, from ice creams to ice pops!

You can even make these desserts adult-only with the addition of some vodka or bourbon! 


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