5 Alternatives For Panko Breadcrumbs With Famous Recipes To Try Out

Quick Answer: What Are The Alternatives For Panko Breadcrumbs?

Alternatives for Panko breadcrumbs are a popular breading for fried or grilled foods. These breadcrumbs are made from bread crusts and flakes. Some of the alternatives for panko breadcrumbs include tortilla chips, crushed crackers, ordinary breadcrumbs, mini pretzels and more.

Panko breadcrumbs can be used to make countless dishes even better. The alternatives for Panko breadcrumbs’ crispy texture helps make any dish taste even better.

There’s a reason why these Japanese-style breadcrumbs have become so popular even in the West.

You can use panko breadcrumbs on just about anything, such as casserole toppings, to give it a perfect crispy texture along the top, or even mix in with some mac and cheese, to add a little bit of crunch to what is normally a very soft dish.

However, easily one of the most famous uses is for breading chicken, especially to create famous Japanese delicacies like chicken katsu curry!

Breaded Chicken Strips with Linguine -Photographed on Hasselblad H3D-39mb Camera

However, if you are ever making a recipe that calls for panko breadcrumbs, and you suddenly realize that you have run out of them, panic can very quickly set in! Is there anything else you can use to achieve a similar effect? 

If you’re looking for perfect substitutes for panko breadcrumbs, then you will definitely want to read on below, because we have 5 perfect candidates that you can try out right now!

Nutrition Table: 5 Alternatives For Panko Breadcrumbs

RecipeCalories (Per 100 Gm)
Tortilla Chips465
Mini Pretzels380
Crushed Crackers502
Ordinary Breadcrumbs100

Nutrition Table: 5 Alternatives For Panko Breadcrumbs

5 Great Alternatives For Panko Breadcrumbs That Taste Amazing!

Alternatives for Panko breadcrumbs are a popular breading for fried or grilled foods. These breadcrumbs are made from bread crusts and flakes. Some of the alternatives for panko breadcrumbs include tortilla chips, crushed crackers, ordinary breadcrumbs, mini pretzels and more.


  • Cornflakes
  • Tortilla Chips
  • Mini Pretzels
  • Crushed Crackers
  • Ordinary Breadcrumbs

1. Cornflakes

Yep. This classic cereal staple not only makes for a great morning treat but can also be used to quickly stand in for panko breadcrumbs.

We were just as surprised as you likely are when we first heard the idea, but when we tried it for ourselves, we were delighted at how well it worked. 

Cornflakes can not only be used to bread up some perfect katsu chicken but can also be included with classic dishes like mac and cheese and casseroles, to add a little bit of crunchiness to elevate these dishes to culinary Heaven!

5 Great Alternatives For Panko Breadcrumbs That Taste Amazing!

The great thing about cornflakes is that, when used just right, they can create a perfect texture that is reminiscent of panko breadcrumbs.

However, you should be aware that they will have a distinctly different taste unlike ordinary panko breadcrumbs, so if you are looking for something that tastes exactly the same, then you may be disappointed.

However, if you are open to a slightly different taste, you will be pleasantly surprised at how great the corny taste of the cereal is when combined with other dishes.

Just make sure that you use ordinary cornflakes, and never any children’s alternative cornflakes that may have a sugar coating, as that will alter the taste for the worst, and can cause the cornflakes to burn quicker. 

How To Substitute

Substituting corn flakes for panko breadcrumbs is luckily quite easy for a large number of dishes! Once you have created your substitute breadcrumbs, you can then use them as you normally would, and bind them to pieces of chicken, or scatter them onto mac and cheese.

2. Tortilla Chips

If you want a panko substitute that is still quite savory, then you may want to try out tortilla chips.

Similar to cornflakes, they may imbue your dishes with a slightly more corny flavor, but this can add a whole new dimension of delight to the dish.

As well as this, you can also choose tortilla chips with specific flavors such as Cool Original Doritos, or Chili Heatwave Doritos, to add whole new dimensions of flavor to dishes such as breaded chicken or mac and cheese. 

Using tortillas proves to be incredible because the tortillas have a great sense of crispness that remains even when used to coat chicken, or mixed in with mac and cheese.

And when cooked alongside some fresh chicken breasts, the tortillas become even more crispy, perhaps even more so than panko breadcrumbs!

Similar to cornflakes, tortilla chips can easily be crushed down to different sizes, making them perfect for adding different levels of crunchiness to a dish.

How To Substitute

Simply insert a number of tortilla chips into a bag and then crush them using a heavy implement. You can also insert some tortilla chips into a blender or a food processor, which will easily grind them down into a small form that is easy to use.

3. Mini Pretzels

This is one of our favorite options on this list because it will give your resulting dish an incredibly unique texture that is incredibly hard to resist.

The thickness of mini pretzels helps to make every bite of breaded chicken or mac and cheese even more crunchy as if that were even possible!

5 Great Alternatives For Panko Breadcrumbs That Taste Amazing!

Crushing down pretzels and then using them to coat some fresh chicken, or scattering them through some mac and cheese is delightful because of how unique the crumbs taste.

Mini pretzels have a very iconic and sharp flavor that is totally unmistakable.

Thus, if you want to make some breaded chicken taste incredibly unique, and have a truly unique texture, then you will definitely want to make use of mini pretzels

How To Substitute

Similar to the other options we have explored so far, you will want to either place some mini pretzels into a bag and crush them by hand, or place them into a food processor or blender to save your hands some effort!

4. Crushed Crackers

The great thing about this option is that you can use absolutely any crackers you want!

Whether it’s saltine crackers or Ritz crackers, either one will work perfectly and will give the dish that crunchiness you are seeking.

5 Great Alternatives For Panko Breadcrumbs That Taste Amazing!

You can also make use of any excess crackers that you likely have in your kitchen pantry, and best of all, you can even use crackers that have gone slightly stale, as the cooking process will help to crisp them back up! 

You can easily add crushed crackers to dishes like breaded chicken and mac and cheese, making it one of the most useful options.

How To Substitute

If you want to substitute crackers for panko breadcrumbs, simply crush them down using a bag and a heavy implement and crush them until you are satisfied. Once you have created your crumbs, add them to a bowl, and then mixing them up with some of your favorite spices and herbs, before then adding them to various dishes.

5. Ordinary Breadcrumbs

If you have some leftover bread lying around, you can very easily create your own breadcrumbs to quickly replace panko breadcrumbs.

They won’t have exactly the same mouthfeel, but they will still taste delicious and make your food even better! 

Creating your own breadcrumbs will prove incredibly satisfying, and is also incredibly easy.

Bread crumbs in wooden spoon

Your food will taste ten times better with the knowledge that you created the breadcrumbs yourself!

The good thing about this method is that it can also help you to make use of any leftover bread that you may have laying about, not getting used!

You can also easily alter your experience of your breadcrumbs by creating them from ordinary bread or lightly toasting the bread ahead of time.

This is also the best option to go for if you want a replacement that does not taste different nor will imbue your food with a totally different flavor.

How To Substitute

You will want to make sure that you have access to a food processor. You can also easily create dried breadcrumbs that you can then store for later or use right away on dishes like mac and cheese and the end result will be satisfying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Panko Better Than Bread Crumbs?

Panko is a type of breadcrumb that has a larger, flakier texture than the more traditional breadcrumbs. It’s often used in Japanese and Korean cooking. Panko bread crumbs are also used in Japanese cuisine and are the preferred breading of fried foods in Japan.

What Does Panko Taste Like?

Panko is a breadcrumb with a crunchy texture traditionally used in Japanese cuisine. It is also sometimes used in French and Italian cuisine and as a coating for fried foods. Panko can be fried or baked to achieve the desired texture.

What Is A Healthy Substitute For Panko?

Panko is a Japanese bread crumb used as a coating for fried foods. It has been found to contain a high amount of fat and salt, which is why it is a common choice for fried foods. 

However, for people trying to reduce the amount of fat and salt in their diet, panko can be replaced with a healthier option. A healthier substitute for panko is finely ground cornmeal, which has much lower fat and salt content.


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