15 Stunning Chocolate Mousse Cake Recipes

Chocolate cake and chocolate mousse are two desserts that are just heavenly any day of the week, especially during major celebrations and events. So, why not combine them both and have yourself a merry little Christmas with your own chocolate mousse cake recipe.

They are two desserts that happen to work well together because of how similar they are in texture and taste! So, sit back and discover your new favorite stunning chocolate mousse cake recipe to tie over your list of family favorite desserts.

We recommend getting yourself a bottle of bubbly to indulge yourself whilst making your way through our list because why not?

There’s nothing worse than organizing a big family get-together where you’ve thought everything through, from the drinks to the party games, and the decorations.

However, you’ve forgotten to spare a thought for the dessert! That’s where this list comes in handy to save the day!

1. Chocolate Mousse Cake Recipe | BBC Good Food

This chocolate mousse cake recipe introduces you to a whole new world of raspberry heaven where we’re pretty sure every single raspberry on earth has been used to make this chocolate mousse cake.

And let’s not forget how well berries and chocolate go when cooked or baked together, so you know this dessert can be your dinner party show stopper to win over every guest’s chocolate-loving heart!

The chocolate mousse cake includes two layers underneath these indulgent raspberries, the bottom being a crunchy biscuit base, and the middle layer being the rich chocolate mousse topping.

The ingredients list has been kept simple so you know you can make a delicious and stunning chocolate mousse cake recipe without the overwhelmingly long list of instructions!

2. Mary Berry’s Chocolate Mousse Cake Recipe | BBC Food

We’ve never seen a chocolate mousse cake that looks this stunning on display! The raspberry toppings of this mousse cake have been sprinkled and dusted with delicate powdered sugar to resemble fresh snow on top of your cake.

Just imagine the looks on your guest’s faces when they spy this beautifully made chocolate mousse cake perched on your dining table or food table. Priceless, right? Well, don’t let us stop you now from making this recipe today!

3. Chocolate Mousse Cake Recipe + Chocolate Whipped Cream | Life Love and Sugar

We love the look of a cake with lots of layers! And this one has neverending ones. Each layer of this cake is moist and leaves you craving more until the early hours of the morning when you decide to give in and impulsively bake another!

Now, whilst this may be a nightmare for some people out there, for the chocolate lovers, this is the dream! It’s a recipe that looks complex and more of a challenge to take on than you’d like, but looks can be deceiving.

This mousse cake is so simple to layer and the mousse is piped onto the outside for decoration to tie the whole thing together.

4. Chocolate Mousse Cake Recipe – Vegan | Klara`s Life

There isn’t a chocolate mousse cake on earth that we’ve met and not liked, and this one is no exception to this! It has three layers, beginning with a buttery biscuit base, then moving on top of the smooth light as air mousse, layer, and finally the thick mouthwatering chocolate topping layer.

It looks delectable and we don’t need to say anymore but we love talking about this mousse cake so we will!

The mousse filling has been tinted with coconut to add a refreshing tropical hint to the cake, and the top ganache layer takes under 5 minutes to make! Can you believe it?

5. Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake | Recipes Made Easy

As if we didn’t love layers enough, this triple chocolate mousse cake has a plethora of stunning layers to the dessert to have every mouthful be exciting and be able to draw you back in faster than you’ll be able to say chocolate mousse cake.

Each piece of this cake has an equal amount of award-winning ingredients and they’re equally separated into stunning rectangular shapes. This is not your standard chocolate mousse cake!

6. Chocolate And Orange Mousse Domes | Cooking Fantasies

Do you ever find yourself imagining what it would be like to live inside Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory? Well, so do we and this chocolate mousse cake is a visual representation of everything that is wonderful about that dream!

The dome shapes look luxurious and spectacular as if they belong in a magnificent chocolate factory. And they are just stunning to display at a party, good luck cutting into it though. We’re imagining how painful that would be to ruin the perfect shape of the cake, and that’s your problem now!

7. Chocolate Rum Mousse Cake – Gluten-Free | Annabel Karmel

Now, we all know chocolate and alcohol are the perfect combinations and we won’t accept any other opinion in this instance. This chocolate rum mousse cake is a liqueur lover’s best dream and it can be yours for just a small amount of extra effort in the kitchen this Christmas!

Also, Christmas is mainly about chocolate and alcohol right? Well, not mainly, but indulging in your favorite cakes and foods is essential so go nuts and enjoy this recipe!

8. Vegan Chocolate Mousse Cake (Nut-Free) | Addicted To Dates

The pitiful thing about chocolate mousse cakes is that the majority of them are not vegan.

This is difficult to fix, however, if you’ve got the effort and time, this recipe has gone the extra mile to provide you, vegans, out there or any relative of yours who is, with a stunning chocolate mousse cake that they can enjoy the taste of as well as the appearance of!

No one should have to sit back and watch everyone else eat a family favorite dessert without themselves. And with this dessert, you don’t have to ever again!

9. Ultimate Chocolate Mousse Cake Recipe | Delicious Magazine

We can all appreciate a chocolate mousse cake that is suitable for birthdays, celebrations, and nights in with the family.

This cake recipe allows you to make a simple mousse cake that has been created with the most stunning ingredients out there so you can impress your family and friends on any occasion!

And it looks as great as it tastes which is always a plus!

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10. Chocolate Mousse Cake With Strawberries | Sainsbury`s Magazine

Do you fancy making a chocolate mousse cake topped with the freshest strawberries in under 30 minutes?

Well, we do too so we found this stunning recipe that uses the largest strawberries we’ve ever set eyes on. It’s a gorgeous chocolate cake that has the richest shine to the outer mousse layer that you will not be able to resist!

11. Chocolate Mousse Cake | Fun Cooking

Most chocolate mousse cakes only have so much depth to them, which is either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on if you like your cakes thick and almost sickening.

This mousse cake has the highest mousse layer topped off with stunning white chocolate and rich milk chocolate shavings and curls.

The toppings add a crispy and crunchy texture to accompany the soft mousse and moist biscuit bottom layer. And you will not regret a single bite!

12. Chocolate Mousse Cake | Sainsbury’s Recipes

We adore a chocolate mousse recipe that has every part of the cake in mind and each layer of this mousse cake has been impeccably made to complement each mouthful!

The bottom base just looks wonderful and the top layer has been dusted with powdered chocolate to finish off a truly amazing dessert. Share it with your loved ones to introduce them to a whole new world of chocolate desserts through a mix of cake and mousse!

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13. Lemon Raspberry White Chocolate Mousse Cake Recipe | Allrecipes

When you think of chocolate mousse cake, the first thing that comes to mind is the richest and darkest chocolate that you could honestly melt into!

This mousse cake is a breath of fresh air in the dessert industry as it uses lemon, raspberries, and white chocolate to create a unique mousse combination!

We love the element of lemon, raspberries, and white chocolate as they all go so well together and the lemon gives the mousse cake a kick like no other.

14. Raymond Blanc’s Flourless Chocolate Mousse Cake Recipe | Wise Living

We have another spectacular chocolate mousse cake for you to go nuts baking, and this one is 100% flourless for the gluten-free members of society out there!

It’s a pity when you can’t find a chocolate mousse cake to suit your dietary needs, so this cake has got you covered so that regardless, you can enjoy an indulgent and rich chocolate mousse cake with your whole family.

15. Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse Brownie Cake | Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

Our last pick of the day is this stunning peanut butter chocolate mousse brownie cake that tastes like a slice of heaven! It’s like 3 desserts rolled into 1 and it’s impossible to resist a second slice, just a pre-warning!

The peanut butter flavors go so well with the mousse texture and brownie cake base, seriously why are you still reading. You need to try this!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make Chocolate Mousse Cake?

To begin, you’ll need to place your chocolate in a bowl and melt it over a pan of boiling water until completely smooth. However, be aware that you do not want the base of the bowl to touch the water.

Make sure to stir this continuously taking care that the chocolate does not get too hot and burn. Set this aside to cool while you whip up your mousse. Crush your biscuit pieces up until fine and mix this with desired butter or margarine. The rest is history!

What Size Tin Do I Need For A Chocolate Mousse Cake?

For most chocolate mousse cake recipes, you’ll need a 20cm by 8 inches round springform cake tin to make your cake. While most recipes use this tin, you may come across another recipe that uses another so just remember to read the instructions and guidance to find out!

Final Thoughts

We had trouble picking just one of these stunning chocolate mousse recipes to make, so, like yourself most likely, we didn’t choose! We ended up making most of them and each one was as divine as the next.

Just give in a make them all we say and then you’ll know for certain which recipe is your favorite! And you can test each one out at a different family gathering or event to get the most accurate results.


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