15 Stunning Linzer Heart Recipes

When it comes to valentines day, baking is truly what makes the day sweeter than sugar, and what better way to enjoy it than through baking heart-shaped snacks and desserts?

Anything with a heart stamped on it during valentines day should be made with love and precious cookie cutters, and these Linzer heart cookie recipes are no exception to this rule of thumb.

You and your partner can enjoy baking together as well as the final result of these recipes to show your affection towards each other in a unique way.

1. Heart-Shaped Linzer Dog Biscuits Recipe To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Pup (morselsandmoonshine.com)

If you’re spending valentines day this year with your pup or dog friends, why not bake them their own little heart-shaped Linzer dog biscuits as a celebration of your friendship with each other!

All dogs deserve a bit of loving this year so why not treat yours to some stunning Linzer biscuits. Also, your dog can easily have a puppy play date with a friend’s dog with these amazing Linzer heart-shaped biscuits to enjoy on the date!

All ingredients in these biscuits are 100% dog friendly so your pup can enjoy a special treat on an even more special day!

Try not to mistake them as human biscuits though as several times husbands have been guilty of mistakenly eating several of these biscuits. 

2. Linzer Strawberry Heart Cookies – Sincerely, Marie Designs (sincerelymariedesigns.com)

Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse to bake these delightful heart-shaped Linzer strawberry cookies The center of the cookies has been made with a stunning strawberry jam and each cookie has a hear-shapes cut out for the jam specifically!

Dust a sprinkling of icing or powdered sugar over the top to finish off this wonderful design and enjoy with your loved ones! They’re too delightful to resist and you shouldn’t have to resist them, so go ahead and get stuck in! 

3. Jammy Biscuits Recipe – BBC Food

Fancy baking a jammy heart-shaped cookie recipe that serves 6 people in under 1 hour in total? Try this recipe that takes 30 minutes to prepare, and between 10 and 30 minutes to bake depending on your oven specifications.

Small drops of strawberry jam have been dropped into the center of the heart-shaped cookie cutouts so you can enjoy a subtle sweetness to your buttery and moreish biscuits.

Besides the strawberry and apricot jams, we promise that you have all the ingredients you’ll need in the pantry already!

4. Linzer Heart Sandwich Cookies – Recipe Of Alex Guarnaschelli (foodnetwork.co.uk)

There’s nothing better than making a lunchtime snack that is perfect for valentines day for you and your partner. What better way to enjoy lunchtime than with sandwiches that have been made with love and passion?

Visually they are magnificent, and they taste even more so. Opt-out of your usual lunchtime date meal with these beautifully made and stunning cookie sandwiches. 

5. Linzer Hearts – Desserts Required

Heart-shaped cookies and biscuits just got better with these Eton mess style creations! The decoration and presentation of the biscuits have been made to be wholesome and homemade to remind you of a sense of home and love this valentines day.

They are the visual representation of how love feels in a cookie and it just doesn’t get any more corny than that does it? Don’t make us embarrass ourselves anymore and try out these cookies for yourself! 

6. Linzer Heart Cookies Recipe | Leite’s Culinaria (leitesculinaria.com)

These Linzer heart cookies are luxurious to bake and have been created to be enjoyed during the most loving holiday of the year. They are made with raspberry preserves and are sandwiched between cinnamon-scented hazelnut cookies that resemble shortbread biscuits.

They are also small enough to be gifted as a great present for a close friend or loved one during the holiday seasons, as well as your significant other during Valentine’s day!

They are also just divine to look at as they’re so cute and small! However, their flavors burst into a ball of love that consumes your heart.

7. Chocolate Linzer Hearts – Recipe Goldmine

We didn’t think any more incredible flavors could be incorporated into a cookie that is this cute but we were proven wrong when we tried the recipe out ourselves!

These cookies are perfectly balanced between hazelnut, cinnamon, raspberry, and chocolate flavors to make a biscuit deserving of all of your love on Valentine’s day.

So, don’t miss out on the chance to try the best Linzer heart biscuit recipes this year or for the next 20 with your partner or significant other!

8. Linzer Heart Cookies – Hilda’s Touch Of Spice (hildastouchofspice.com)

We have found a cookie deserving of everyone’s love and joy during the holidays seasons as it is just stunning in appearance and flavors! They have truly been baked to perfection as the shortbread cookie biscuits bases have been baked until golden brown for a specially made recipe.

They are truly a gift in cookie form and your loved ones will enjoy them just as much as you will when you take the time to bake them.

And as if they weren’t sweet enough, extra sugar crystals have been added to the center of the heart shapes to make them extra special and extra love infused!

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9. Raspberry Linzer Cookie Hearts For Mom – Hungry Happenings

Surprise your parent or guardian figure with these raspberry Linzer heart cookies this year on Valentine’s day, they can be enjoyed as an afternoon snack after lunch or as an evening meal dessert with the whole family and they are incredibly diverse to make for many occasions!

Just because they’re heart-shaped does not mean they cannot be enjoyed during Christmas as well as on Valentine’s day, right? The cut-outs in the biscuits can also be easily customized to say ‘I love Dad’, or ‘I love Grandma’, for example, so whoever you’re gifting them to this year, make it extra special with this recipe.

10. Linzer Heart Gluten-Free Cookies Recipe – Spry Living

Valentine’s day should be a day to celebrate love and joy amongst the whole family, and how can you enjoy the day with gorgeous cookies if those cookies are not gluten-free for certain family members’ dietary restrictions?

So, we’ve found you a stunning Linzer heart recipe that can be enjoyed regardless of any restrictions in diet and is still delicious in every way despite the lack of flour.

If your significant other is gluten-free and would enjoy and appreciate the extra effort you put into baking for them, then why not take advantage of this recipe?

11. Traditional Linzer Cookies – Plated Cravings

Traditional recipes are always appreciated any time of the year, and especially during the most loving and family-orientated holidays of the year!

So, this Valentine’s day, try out these classic Linzer heart cookies for you and your loved ones and get creative with the jam-filled cookie shapes as well as the jams! We recommend trying apricot and strawberry jams in unison as they complement each other so well. 

12. Linzer Heart Cookies | Earth Powered Family

We’ve found you a slightly different kind of Linzer heart cookie to share with your partner this year and the kids as they’ve been made into heart shapes, but with circular cut-outs for the jam fillings to spice up the design a bit!

If fully heart-shaped cookies are too stereotypical for you and your loved one then this recipe may be perfect for you. 

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13. Heart-Shaped Linzer Cookies With Raspberry Jam – Simply Low Cal

We just adore a recipe that uses homemade jam as well as homemade shortbread to make its biscuits and cookies. And this Linzer cookie recipe with raspberry jam is divine and simple, but absolutely wonderful to enjoy on Valentine’s day!

As it’s for the most loving holiday of the year too, of course, we had to show you a homemade jam recipe to accompany Linzer heart biscuits. 

14. Barefoot Contessa | Shortbread Hearts & “Linzer” Cookies | Recipes

We have a more creative set of homemade shortbread Linzer biscuits for you to try out this year and they are customizable to any decorations and ideas you have in mind.

So if you like stars, or circles, or oblong shapes, go ahead and make them with this recipe to get your very own perfected Linzer heart biscuits made by you and you alone!

15. Gluten-Free Linzer Heart Cookies – Fearless Dining

There is another gluten-free Linzer heart cookie recipe coming your way and it is just magnificent and stunning in appearance! And even more so in flavors and tastes.

Decorations are so easily made and constructed around these biscuits that if you use the same color schemes like reds and whites, you can create a wonderful gift for your loved ones and significant others this Valentine’s day! And they’re gluten-free, what’s not to love?

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Different Linzer Heart Recipe Variations Are There?

If we’re counting, then they’re limitless! As long as you have a sense of creativity and baking skills, you can make countless Linzer heart cookie or biscuit recipes from the comfort of your own home.

Try using alternative jams to see what works for your recipes and flavorings as if you don’t try them, you won’t find out what works best.

Can My Dog Eat Linzer Cookies?

Linzer heart-shaped cookies and biscuits can easily be made for dogs! There are specially made dog Linzer cookie recipes out there and we’ve included one in this list so you don’t have to go searching for it!

And if you’re a master baker who knows what your pets can and can’t have in their diet, why not try creating your own dog biscuit recipes using one of these as guidance?

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 15 stunning Linzer heart recipes to tie you over until next year’s Valentine’s day celebrations and they can be yours for little effort! Why not save them all and try them on various occasions to find out which is your favorite?

You can’t go wrong with Linzer heart recipes on Valentine’s day and your partner will agree with you all the more when they try your stunning Linzer heart cookies or biscuits. 


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