15 Amazing Godiva Chocolate Liqueur Recipes

Liqueur on its own is pretty good, right? So, why not sweeten things up by making your own Godiva chocolate liqueur drinks to indulge in two amazing flavors during the holiday seasons.

And when liqueur is involved, everyone has fun, so why not share this recipe with your loved ones and enjoy a heartwarming chocolate spiced liqueur drink any time of day!

We love how fun these recipes are and how rewarding the drinks are at the end so why not try one of our top 15 amazing Godiva chocolate liqueur recipes?

1. Disney’s Godiva Chocolate Martini – Just A Pinch Recipes

To make this deluxe Disney-inspired Godiva chocolate martini, simply swirl the chocolate syrup around the glass to decorate, then in a cocktail shaker pour all your ingredients along with cracked ice into the shaker, mix and then chill.

Then strain into your decorated glass and you’re good to go! You’ve got yourself a Disney Godiva chocolate liqueur drink to enjoy with as many family members as you want.

2. Godiva Chocolate Martini – Creamy Chocolaty Martini with World’s Best Chocolate Liqueur (foodviva.com)

Any chocolate-based martinis out there are incomplete without Godiva original liqueur in them so don’t miss out this year! Make yourself or you’re entire clan at a family gathering this amazing Godiva chocolate martini drink to spice up the night!

We love this recipe’s use of chocolate flakes and pieces to top off the drink for an extra sweetness element to a family favorite drink. Decorate up your martini glass to finish off the appearance of this spectacular drink and enjoy!

3. Chocolate Banana Martini Recipe – Banana And Chocolate Flavored Cocktail (foodviva.com)

The great thing about making martini liqueur drinks is that you can get creative with the flavors you include in them. This recipe is a chocolate and banana-infused liqueur martini and it’s outright delicious and has a spectacular kick to it too!

Add your favorite Godiva liqueur to spice it up and sit back in your favorite armchair to enjoy alone or with friends and loved ones. It’s easy to enjoy with or without friends as it’s a diverse drink so don’t hesitate to make yours tonight!

4. White Chocolate Raspberry Martini Recipe – Velvety Smooth Cocktail Drink (foodviva.com)

It’s easy to find fruits and berries to compliment Godiva chocolate liqueur drinks, so why not try out this white chocolate raspberry martini recipe? You can try something new this season by using fresh raspberries which go so well with white chocolate!

The sweetness of the raspberries isn’t too sour when combined with white chocolate and then the added liqueur is the cherry on top of the recipe. This is truly a creamy temptation of a drink and adding Godiva to it just makes it the most exquisite recipe to make this year.

5. Butterscotch Martini Recipe – Fascinating Butterscotch Cocktail Drink (foodviva.com)

Butterscotch is fantastic in other recipes so why not make use of it in an amazing Godiva chocolate liqueur recipe?

Simply add 1 part butterscotch schnapps, 1 part chocolate liqueur, and 1 part Godiva chocolate to create a rich and creamy liqueur drink to enjoy during any time of the day if you fancy it.

Whether you’re a night drinker, an afternoon grazer, an evening martini drinker, or fancy cracking open the alcohol before noon. This drink is fantastic for everyone.

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6. Chocolatini Cocktail Recipe With Baileys Irish Cream (thespruceeats.com)

We all know that chocolate liqueur drinks are just delicious to enjoy after dinner or at a family party or gathering. But have you tried making your own Godiva and Bailey’s Irish cream chocolate liqueur recipe?

We had the same answer so we just had to try it at the next Christmas party and it was so creamy and rich, it was a massive hit amongst everyone!

It makes for a fabulous cocktail mix that any member of the family can have fun making with you, and feel free to add in other ingredients that you fancy trying too.

Caramel may just be the cherry on top of this drink as it goes amazing with Godiva chocolate and Baileys Irish cream!

7. Mudslide Cocktail Recipe – Baileys Irish Cream Mudslide – Decadent Drink (thegardeningcook.com)

This mudslide chocolate liqueur cocktail recipe is a unique mix of vodka, coffee-flavored Kahlua, and Bailey’s Irish Cream, add a touch of Godiva chocolate to really thicken it up ad you’ll have an amazing liqueur drink to enjoy!

It’s both a drink and dessert in one so if you fancy it for an after-dinner treat, go ahead and indulge in a rich dessert and cocktail in one.

Also if you’re not a fan of common desserts like cakes and mousses, then this cocktail drink may be the most perfect alternative for you this Christmas!

8. Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini – Romantic Cocktail Drink Recipe (foodviva.com)

You know when you find the perfect dessert, and it has a clean and picturesque cherry on the top. You can easily imagine a deluxe chocolate cake with cream and the world’s most perfect cherry on the top of the cake.

Well, this liqueur drink recipe uses one plump cherry for the side of the glass, paired with a cherry-infused alcoholic drink!

Cherries go hand in hand with chocolate and liqueur so definitely don’t miss out on the chance to combine Godiva chocolate with cherries!

9. The Chocolate Waterfall – A Delectable Cocktail (BaldHiker)

Everyone loves three combinations in life, coffee, chocolate, and any drink that makes you tipsy! So, why not treat yourself to this recipe from the gods this Christmas.

It combines chocolate, coffee of course, and the best liqueur available to make a spiced cocktail drink. Add Godiva chocolate for a rich and creamy textured recipe and enjoy!

10. Mississippi Mudtini Recipe – Snappy Gourmet

This Mississippi mud martini recipe is sure to be a hit at any party throughout the year! It would be a shame to not share it as it’s wonderful through the winter months to keep you warmed by the liqueur and satisfied from the chocolate flavors within!

Top with whipped cream and more chocolate for an extra sweet drink!

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11. The Godiva Chocolate Candy Cane Cocktail – She Keeps A Lovely Home

We love a Godiva chocolate liqueur recipe that goes the extra mile and this recipe is spectacular in appearance as well as flavors!

The glass has been decorated and coated around the rim with mint and crushed candy canes for an extra special Christmas with your loved ones!

12. Chocolate Peppermint Martini – Occasional Cocktails

Another amazing show stopper of a drink coming your way and this time we’ve found one that uses peppermint to compliment the chocolate liqueur flavors beautifully!

The peppermint adds a refreshing kick to the liqueur and this cocktail is a unique way to enjoy your Christmas evening with your family.

13. White Chocolate Snowflake Martinis – The Art Of Food And Wine

What’s better than an amazing Godiva chocolate liqueur martini? A white chocolate one!

There are so many flavor combinations to try out with martinis and chocolate so why not try white chocolate to change the recipe up. It looks fantastic as an end result with so much fluffy cream added to make it look dreamy.

14. Godiva® White Russian Martini (godivaliqueurs.com)

We’ve got a luxury martini recipe for you to try any time of the day and this one may be the most deluxe recipe we’ve ever come across.

The richest Godiva chocolate has been used to make this drink and add as much or as little as you want based on your chocolate preferences. If you’re not a fan of chocolate but like a hint added in, you know what to do!

15. Chocolate Martini Recipe (+VIDEO) – EASY Dessert Drink For Any Occasion! (garnishwithlemon.com)

Sometimes you just want to get your hands on a simple and easy chocolate liqueur martini recipe without the fuss, so we’ve found you the perfect recipe that you can enjoy tonight.

Add lots of Godiva chocolate in with your favorite choice of liqueur drinks and you’re good to go! Be sure to enjoy it in a fancy martini glass so you can really get the true feeling behind how luxurious this drink is.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Godiva Liqueur Made Of?

Godiva’s original chocolate liqueur is made of white chocolate and Madagascar vanilla and is softer and more delicate chocolate compared to other chocolate mixes out there. That’s why it is perfect for liqueur martini drinks because of its sweet but soft texture and taste.

What Can You Do With Godiva White Chocolate?

Because it’s such a unique blend of soft white chocolate and Madagascar vanilla, you can use this type of chocolate in liqueurs and cocktails. It really has limitless potential so get creative and experiment with what works and what doesn’t with Godiva chocolate!

Final Thoughts

We’ve come to the end of our list and as much as it pains us to say goodbye here, we hope we’ve helped you find the most amazing Godiva chocolate liqueur recipe to indulge in this Christmas.

Whether you’re celebrating alone or with a massive family clan, you can be sure to find a luxurious Godiva chocolate liqueur recipe to suit your preferences, and if not, then feel free to make it your own and add in other ingredients!


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