5 Significant Ways To Make Your Cake Cool Quickly

Quick Answer: What Are The Best Ways To Quickly Cooling A Cake?

Some cake recipes require the cake to be cooled down before frosting. There are a few ways to Cool the cake down quickly. The first is to put the cake in the refrigerator. Another way is to place a cooling rack on top of the cake and put a layer of frosting on the rack. The third way is to place the cake on a cocoa powder-dusted plate.

Baking is a relaxing activity that anyone can enjoy. Yet, it can become quite stressful if you need to quickly cool a cake.

Luckily, we have several ideas for you, including using a cooling rack or putting the cake in a freezer.

Often, cakes need to be cooled. You will be unable to apply icing if the cake is still warm.

This can seriously slow down the baking process, as you will need to wait for the cake to reach a cool temperature.

Cooling A Cake Quickly: 5 Super Easy Ideas

How To Cool A Cake?

To speedily cool your cake, here are 5 super straightforward solutions for you:

Place It On A Cooling Rack

Cooling racks are designed to cool freshly baked goods. You can place a range of baked items on a cooling rack, such as cakes and cookies.

These utensils are made to diffuse the heat of the baked goods.

They keep the cakes away from a warm pan, which would prevent them from cooling down.

The design of cooling racks elevates the cake from the table. This allows refreshing air to reach the cake.

Cooling racks are widely used in baking. Therefore, if you have a passion for baking, then you should consider getting one of these baking utensils.

They are super easy to acquire since they are sold in stores that sell baking supplies.

Plus, you can purchase them online from a variety of sites. We seriously recommend investing in a cooling rack.

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Put It In The Fridge

Of course, fridges are cool spaces. After all, fridges have a temperature between 37°F (3°C) and 40°F (5°C), making them ideal for cooling down cakes.

This step is renowned for its speed. Ideally, you should use it alongside other techniques.

You should place the cake on a cooling rack and then put it in the fridge. This is because it will maximize the speed of the cooling.

Another downside of this technique is that though the top of the cake will cool quickly, it can take a while for the center to cool down.

If you plan to ice your cake, you must wait for the center to be cold.

By first putting the cake on a cooling rack, you can accelerate the cooling of the center.

You should also bear in mind that it is not a good idea to put overly hot food in the fridge.

This is because it can affect the temperature of the refrigerator. This causes the other food on the fridge to be exposed to high temperatures.

If the cake is still warm when you cut into it, then you should return it to the fridge before you proceed with icing.

Put It In The Freezer

Freezers are even colder than fridges. Namely, a freezer should be set to 0°F (-18°C).

Consequently, the freezer will lessen the temperature of cakes even quicker.

When placing the cake in the freezer, you should not put it in there for too long. Otherwise, the cake can completely freeze!

Depending on the size of the cake, it can take approximately 4 hours for it to completely freeze.

Once thawed, the cake can develop a dry texture.

As with the previous method, the cake can feel cool on top but may still be warm on the inside.

Thus, we also advise placing the cake onto a cooling rack before transferring it to the freezer.

You should also cover the cake in plastic wrap to protect it and prevent it from becoming too moist.

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Cut The Cake

Cutting a cake into smaller tiers can reduce the amount of time required for a cake to cool.

This is because the more layers of the cake you have, the more air can reach your cake. Therefore, the temperature will lower much faster. 

This technique is particularly good for getting the center of the cake to cool.

Plus, if you are already going to cut the cake to make multiple frosted layers, then it just makes sense to do it now.

Just be gentle when cutting the cake. Cakes can be quite vulnerable when still warm.

Thus, if you are not careful, you can break the cake when you attempt to cut it.

As a result, we suggest that you give the cake approximately 10 minutes to cool down before attempting to cut it.

Ideally, you should slowly cut the cake with a serrated knife. These knives are designed to gently move through cakes.

Just make sure that you are patient, as a quick cut can result in cake breakage.

Once you have successfully divided the cake into horizontal tiers, simply spread them across a cooling rack.

Remove It From The Baking Tin

Cooling A Cake Quickly: 5 Super Easy Ideas

One of the first things you should do with a cake after taking it out of the oven is to remove the baking tin.

Ideally, you should let the cake cool for a few minutes before attempting this.

The baking pan will still be hot from the oven. These metal tins retain warmth.

Therefore, if you keep the cake in the pan, you will merely be subjecting it to more heat.

You should bear in mind that it can be quite difficult to remove a cake from the tin.

This is because the tin will still be quite hot. If you are not careful with the removal, you can cause the cake to break.

This could result in you wasting the hours of hard work you put into baking the cake!

If you have used non-stick parchment paper, this can be used to pull the cake out of the tin.

Cakes can become stuck in their tins, but you can use a knife to loosen them.

Another technique involves flipping the cake onto a cooling rack. To do this, place a cooling rack on top of the cake.

Then, holding the tin with one hand and the rack with the other, flip the cake so that the top is resting on the cooling rack.

Then, removing the tin should be much easier.

Once you have taken the cake out of the tin, let it sit for roughly 10 minutes.

Once cooled slightly, remove any parchment paper and place the cake on a cooling rack.

Why Do You Need To Cool A Cake?

Cooling A Cake Quickly: 5 Super Easy Ideas

The feeling of taking a freshly baked cake out of the oven is sublime.

The kitchen will likely be filled with the delicious aroma of the cake. Plus, you will feel an immense sense of accomplishment.

Despite this, you must not rashly start icing the cake or do anything with it while it is still warm.

When they are fresh from the oven, cakes are fairly fragile. This means that they can break after minimal handling, resulting in pieces breaking apart.

If you apply icing to a hot cake, the texture can break down. This can result in the icing mixing with cake crumbs.

This will make the cake look less aesthetically pleasing and can detract from the smoothness of the icing.

Moreover, a warm cake can melt the icing. Icing or frosting is typically made with butter.

As you likely already know, butter is prone to melting. Even when the frosting is made with butter alternatives, it can also melt when interacting with warm temperatures.

Cakes with melted icing will not look great. Plus, they will lose their structure.

This is particularly important if you are making a cake with multiple tiers. Melted frosting can cause these tiers to collapse!

For these reasons, you must wait for your cake to fully cool down before you proceed with decorating or structuring it.

If you are in a rush, the above techniques should fasten the cooling process so that you can finish your beautiful cake.

How Long Do Cakes Take To Cool?

The time it takes for a cake to cool will vary depending on its size. Larger cakes will usually take longer.

This is because there is more cake to cool down, resulting in the center being insulated.

Generally, it takes between 2 and 3 hours for a cake to cool down when left on a countertop.

This is a good amount of time to leave the cake because it ensures that it has cooled down entirely.

By using the above methods, it can take as little as 30 minutes to cool the cake. Just make sure that it is not warm before decorating.

A food probe can be utilized to determine the internal temperature. Otherwise, you can have some disastrous results!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Speed Up Cake Cooling?

Yes! There are a few methods you can use to speed up cake cooling. One way is to place a cooling rack inside of a cake pan and let the cake cool on the rack. Another way is to use an oven rack.

Place the cake on the rack and let it cool. The fastest way to cooking cake is to place it in the refrigerator.

How Do You Cool A Cake Without Drying It Out?

Cake stands are often used to hold cakes while they are cooling. The cake is placed on a cooling rack on the bottom of the cake stand, and the cake stand is then placed on top of a large, flat surface.

This allows for air circulation and cooling, but the cake won’t dry out.

Can You Put The Warm Cake In A Container?

It’s not advisable to cover the warm cake in a container. Still, if you need to do that, you can put a cake in a container. You can use a cake stand, a jar, or even a bowl.

All you need is some kind of container to store your cake in.

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