15 Outstanding Chocolate Mint Cookie Recipes

Chocolate chip cookies have been a family favorite for a long time and they will always be the go-to recipe for those late-night baking disasters and the last-minute bake sales.

Or for when you just fancy a batch of homemade cookies! So, we’ve found you the best recipes for one better, chocolate mint cookies!

These two flavors work splendidly together in cookies and who doesn’t love mint chocolate chip? They provide a refreshing kick to the sweetest snack on earth which for most is a delightful experience.

So, kick back and enjoy these 15 outstanding chocolate mint cookie recipes to find your favorite for tonight!

1. Chocolate Mint Cookies – Two Sisters (twosisterscrafting.com)

Source – Two Sisters Crafting

Sometimes combining chocolate and mint in the same mixture can be too fresh or sickly because they are two different tastes, so why not try these chocolate mint cookies by Two Sisters that use the mint flavors for the icing of the cookie, rather than the batter itself. This way you can choose how much of each flavor you get in one mouthful!

If you’re able to choose how much of the mint flavor you get, you’re able to enjoy it more and that’s exactly our aim with this recipe. They also look just fantastic!

The chocolate sauce has been dribbled over the mint icing to set leaving this cookie a truly unique delight to try.

Kids will love these cookies too as they can have so much fun with the icing and decorations, the more mess the better with this recipe so let them go bananas!

2. Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe – BettyCrocker.com

Source – Betty Crocker

These classic chocolate mint cookies have a subtle green tint that even though they’re perfect for any time of the year, they are exceptional around Christmas, St Patrick’s day, and at any other green-themed celebration or event!

They take a total of 40 minutes to make and the 7 ingredient list for these cookies serves a whopping 36 people. Go, Betty Crocker!

Or you can keep this large stash of cookies for yourself if you’d prefer, we won’t tell anyone. They’re also super easy to make as we all know the standard rule for baking cookies, just make sure you mix everything together and hope for the best!

And the best part about this recipe is that you can pretty much make ice cream cookie sandwiches with this batch, so if you want something extra sweet, get the ice cream out and make your own sweet sandwiches.

3. Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies – Celebrating Sweets

Source – Celebrating Sweets

So, the classic chocolate mint cookies are green with chocolate chips, right? Well, not everyone is a fan of the combination being mixed together in that way.

So, why not try these mint chocolate chip cookies that use mint chocolate chips in place for regular chocolate chips, and keep the recipe for the cookies themselves rather simple.

Celebrating sweets have developed the perfect cookie batch for St Patrick’s day that will blow any Irish enthusiast away.

The mint chocolate chips don’t overpower the sweetness of the cookies, leaving you with a delightful and outstanding chocolate chip cookie to enjoy on your favorite Irish holiday of the year!

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4. Homemade Mint Chocolate Milano Cookies – Jessica Gavin

Source – Jessica Gavin

We strive ourselves in how we always have something different for everyone to try because no two people like the same recipes or cookie variants.

So, we’ve got these homemade mint chocolate Milano cookies for the sweet tooths out there that want something different to try. They have a delicate sandwich casing to them and a dark chocolate mint filling that is just outstanding!

The cookie sandwich casings are light, crispy, and buttery and the filling is rich peppermint and orange infused dark chocolate.

They make for a perfect holiday exchange gift and are so unique in shape and style to really set you apart if you bring these to any family events or birthdays.

The process for making them is pretty similar to regular cookies, however, you just pipe the batter into your desired shapes, and add the filling later when they’ve cooled.

5. Mint Chocolate Chip Cake Mix Cookies – Boston Girl Bakes

The great thing about baking is that there are no set rules for having fun in the kitchen! Some recipes require more time and skill, some are ideal for beginners to get into the wonderful rewarding hobby of baking.

And we love how versatile some recipes can be, this recipe by Boston Girl Bakes, uses a cake mix to make cookies!

Using alternative mixes or ingredients when baking can make for happy accidents or disasters. And this one is certainly a happy accident as if all you’ve got is a cake mix to use up but you really do fancy some cookies, this recipe has got you covered!

And the mint cookies are so easy to throw together for St Patrick’s day, you really can’t go wrong.

6. Mint chocolate cookies recipe – BBC Food

This recipe is to die for, the chocolate mint pieces are added to a chocolate sauce layer that is halved over the cookies.

It’s another unique batch that requires a bit more preparation time than the average cookie batch, however, the rewards are worth the effort.

Also, this recipe makes 40 cookies, however, it can be easily halved and frozen so you can come back to the other half of the cookie batch when you need it most!

And we can all recall a time when we were craving chocolate chip cookies but had nothing in the house to make them with. So, you’ll be thankful for past you for making this recipe so future you can enjoy it all the more!

The ingredients and decoration lists are a bit lengthy, but you should have no problem finding these ingredients in most stores.

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7. Chocolate Mint Candies Cookies Recipe | Allrecipes

Source – All Recipes

We just love an outstanding cookie recipe that yields 3 to 4 dozen cookies every batch! This recipe is fantastic for bake sales, or for feeding lots of young children at parties because of how much you can make in one sitting.

They’re also so easy to make as you just need to make the usual batch, and then place a large slab of preferred chocolate in the center of the cookies to bake with them.

You’ll need most of the standard cookie recipe ingredients such as butter, brown sugar, eggs, chocolate chips, baking soda, salt, and all-purpose flour.

There really is nothing to complain about with these cookies as they bake perfectly every time, and you can easily change something about them if you’d prefer them to be made less sweet or more mint-infused! It’s entirely up to you.

8. Mint Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies – Marsha’s Baking Addiction

Source – Marsha’s Baking Addiction

We didn’t think we would keep finding recipes to beat our favorites, but these cookies are just divine! These are soft mint-infused cookies that have a creamy white chocolate mint ganache filling.

They just look spectacular and any mint chocolate lover out there needs to try them out for themselves.

The ganache filling may the creamiest filling we’ve ever tried and it was a hit at family gatherings.

The chocolate cookies themselves have got sugar sprinkled onto the base to add that extra bit of sweetened crisp to the edges, and the chocolate sauce that is dribbled over the entire cookie is just outstanding.

9. Chocolate Mint Penguin Stained Glass Cookies Recipe – Eats Amazing.

Source – Eats Amazing

Family-involved baking can be such a fun activity to take part in, and any child will enjoy helping out with this cookie recipe!

The glass stained belly of the penguin cookies is completely see-through and is so magical for any child to enjoy eating!

The cookies themselves are made using chocolate shortbread, and the penguin’s glass-stained window belly is made using mint flavors for a delightful combination overall.

Make sure to keep a sharp eye on them whilst they’re baking to get the glass-stained bellies perfect! And you can make a game out of it for the kids to help out.

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10. Chocolate, Mint & Buckwheat Cookies | Community Recipes | Nigella’s Recipes

If you’ve been searching for a more rustic cookie recipe that combined multiple recipes to make a unique bath, this is one for you!

Two different Nigella recipes have been combined to get a more cake-like cookie batter that is slightly chewier and can be made for any family event!

The only ingredient that you may have to search for particularly is buckwheat flour, other than that all the ingredients can be easily found at your local store so you can enjoy the thickest and most luxurious chocolate mint cookies you’ve ever tasted.

11. Fresh Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies (foodiebaker.com)

Source – Foodie Baker

These cookies look divine in appearance and they have an aroma and taste to match! They’re gooey in the middle and they just melt on the tongue for a wonderful midnight snack, or secret treat away from the kids!

This recipe has been adapted from a very old recipe and brought back to this decade so you can enjoy a classic twist on a melt-in-the-mouth chocolate cookie with mint-infused flavors.

We loved it, and you will to so feel free to get in the kitchen and use up all your baking ingredients to get this wonderful batch the whole family can enjoy with you.

12. Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie (tidymom.net)

A classic mint chocolate chip cookie recipe is coming your way and it is just outstanding in every cookie requirement department!

You seriously need to try them for yourself to find out as we didn’t want to share them with our colleagues once we got our hands on the recipe! They’re too divine to give up, but for you, we’ll make an exception!

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13. Mint Chocolate Cookies | RecipeLion.com

Source – Recipe Lion

This recipe might be the most desired recipe we’ve ever come across to date! The chocolate cookies have had large mint chocolate chunks fused into the batter to change up the texture of the overall cookie.

With each bite, you get a soft cookie taste with a crunchy mint chocolate chunk piece to complement the overall flavors!

14. Gluten-free Mint Chocolate Cookies Recipe (vegan/dairy-free)

Source – Gluten Free Cuppa Tea

We strive for excellence and diverse ranges in our cookie suggestions, and this recipe is for the gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan people out there who can enjoy the best mint chocolate cookie recipes without the worry about whether they can have them or not!

We want to offer inclusive cookie recipes that everyone can enjoy regardless of dietary requirements, so try out these divine mint cookies for yourself today!

15. Grasshopper Mint Cookies – Chef in Training (chef-in-training.com)

Cookies are so unique on their own for their flavors and textures combined, they make great comfort foods or snacks for the whole family and that’s why we wanted to share this outstanding chocolate mint cookie recipe for you and your loved ones to try during the holiday season!

This recipe includes so many layers of delicious mint and chocolate flavors!


We hope you were able to find the perfect chocolate mint cookie recipe for you and your loved ones to enjoy in this article! Mint chocolate chip can be enjoyed almost all year round and is delightful to make for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do You Bake Mint Cookies in the Oven?

Typically mint chocolate cookies take around 8 to 10 minutes to bake depending on your oven temperature and settings, so just keep an eye on them and be careful not to overbake them!

How Do You Make Melt-in-the-Mouth Chocolate Cookies?

Making your batter on the stove is guaranteed to make the smoothest and sweetest cookie batter that is then popped into the oven to be enjoyed within the hour! Be sure to stir regularly until you get the batter mixture you want and then add the flour in a separate bowl.


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