15 Stunning Chocolate Dump Cake Recipes

What is a dump cake? As the name suggests, the filling is dumped into a cake dish and covered with a topping, such as butter or cake mix. These cakes are super straightforward to make, yet taste incredible.

It can also be a great method of using up any canned fillings. This dessert is considered an American classic. 

Our favorite variety of dump cakes is made with chocolate. This chocolate flavor perfectly matches a number of fillings. We can prove this by showing you fifteen amazing chocolate dump cakes that have a range of fillings.

Please consider making some of these recipes if the dump cake appeals to you. 

1. Chocolate Dump Cake From Snappy Gourmet 

The first recipe in this list is a traditional and fuss-free chocolate dump cake. It is very straightforward to make and will not even require the use of mixing bowls. This will certainly save on the washing up.

It also features only 5 ingredients, meaning that you do not need to spend loads of money on fancy ingredients. Filled with chocolatey goodness, this will be the perfect dessert for a chocoholic.

If you want to make it even sweeter, you can serve this dump cake with whipped cream or ice cream. 

2. 3-Ingredient Chocolate Cherry Dump Cake From Betty Crocker 

Having been around for years, Betty Crocker has built an amazing reputation for its products and recipes. You can have confidence in the quality of their recipes. This dump cake is no different.

This is reflected in the easy-to-follow instructions and helpful baking tips. Do you love the combination of cherry and chocolate? These mouth-watering flavors pair amazingly well, resulting in a scrumptious dump cake.

Moreover, the recipe requires only 3 ingredients, thus saving you time and money. 

3. White Chocolate-Banana Dump Cake From Cookstr

Next, if you are a lover of white chocolate, we may have found the recipe for you. Though white chocolate and banana may seem like an unusual combination, this recipe proves that it is a match made in heaven.

If you are brave enough to try this underrated combo, feel free to make this dump cake. This cake has a rich and sweet flavor that will appeal to anyone with a sweet tooth.

Furthermore, it is simple enough to bake that even bakers with little experience can give it a shot. 

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4. Chocolate Dump Cake From Spaceships & Laser Beams

If you desire a luxurious dessert, look no further. It is designed for those who enjoy sweet tastes and love chocolate. This recipe requires plenty of chocolate, including chocolate cake mix, instant chocolate pudding, and chocolate chips.

Therefore, we do not recommend trying this recipe if you do not adore chocolate. On the other hand, this recipe does give some really interesting inspiration as to how you can substitute some of the ingredients.

This results in it being a customizable recipe that can be catered to your needs. For example, you can try sprinkling nuts on top of the cake in place of chocolate chips. 

5. Gluten-Free Chocolate Cherry Dump Cake Recipe From Simply Gluten Free

Do you suffer from celiac disease? This disease means that you are unable to eat a lot of desserts since a lot of them contain gluten. Luckily, this gluten-free chocolate and cherry dump cake means that you are not missing out on this dessert.

The cherry and almond filling will work superbly with the chocolate cake topping. If you are looking for a gluten-free taste sensation, you have come to the right place. 

6. German Chocolate Dump Cake From Taste Of Home

This German dump cake combines chocolate, pecans, and cream cheese. What is not to love? This dessert will have a rich and indulgent taste that few dump cakes can rival. Perfect for people with a sweet tooth, this dump cake is very sweet.

Plus, it will go a long way, since it serves 15 people. If you need a quick dessert to make when guests are coming over, this is our top suggestion. 

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7. White Chocolate Peach Dump Cake From Feast For A Fraction

Another recipe for lovers of white chocolate, this time it has been mixed with peaches. Compared to other chocolate dump cakes, it has a more sophisticated taste. This is partly achieved through the aforementioned peaches and some chopped pecans.

Aside from these two ingredients, all you will need are white chocolate chips, butter, and cake mix. Consequently, it is a simple and hassle-free dessert. A number of potential variations have also been included, allowing you to adapt the recipe for your needs. 

8. Chocolate & Crème De Menthe Dump Cake From The Flip Flop Wife 

Whenever chocolate and mint are paired together, a delicious dessert will be created. This dump cake is no different. It uses Crème de Menthe candies to create a decadent mint flavor.

The use of mint chocolate chips results in this cake looking very eye-catching, creating a unique green color. If you are having difficulty locating this product in-store, here is an online item that you may be interested in purchasing.

Not only will this recipe taste stunning, but it is very straightforward thanks to well-explained instructions and multiple pictures. 

9. Hot Chocolate Dump Cake From TBSP 

When the weather gets cold, hot chocolate is one of the best ways to warm yourself up. This dump cake is inspired by the humble hot chocolate. It contains a lot of chocolate as well as super soft marshmallows.

The recipe also includes the ingenious idea to crush candy canes on top of the cake to provide a peppermint taste.

This variation will be the perfect recipe for the Christmas period. Alongside this, it also gives other useful tips that will make the baking process more smooth. 

10. Chocolate Strawberry Dump Cake From Buns In My Oven

The tenth recipe in this list is a gooey and grand chocolate strawberry dump cake. The use of strawberry butter perfectly bridges the divine strawberry filling and the chocolate cake topping.

If you are a lover of strawberries, this recipe will be right up your alley. Plate up with a generous dollop of ice cream to create a sophisticated yet straightforward dessert. 

11. White Chocolate Cherry Dump Cake From The Magical Slow Cooker

In terms of chocolate dump cakes, perhaps the most common combination is cherries. After all, the richness of chocolate complements the sweetness of cherries. As evidenced by this recipe, white chocolate also matches with cherries really well.

With only 4 ingredients, this recipe is very efficient. It can also be cooked in a slow cooker, showing that it is quite an innovative method. There are also other filling ideas that you can attempt, such as pumpkin and blackberry.

The pumpkin version will be particularly appropriate during Halloween. 

12. Chocolate Peppermint Dump Cake Recipe From Cupcakes & Cutlery

Chocolate and mint make for a wonderful blend. This combination is especially popular during the festive season. This recipe boasts an impressive preparation of only 5 minutes, giving you lots of time to spend doing whatever you want. It also has few ingredients.

If you want a fuss-free experience, we urge you to think about making this chocolate and peppermint dump cake. 

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13. Boozy Caramel & Coffee Dump Cake From Delish 

Do you love a boozy twist to your deserts? If yes, here is a cake that contains coffee liqueur chocolate, and caramel. To us, this sounds like a faultless mix.

Though this may not be a good recipe for children, it is a great choice for an adult dinner party. Ideally, it should be served with either ice cream or cream. 

14. Chocolate Apple Slow Cooker Dump Cake From Vikkie 

If you own a slow cooker, you may want to consider this dump cake recipe. The inclusion of a slow cooker means that you can get on with other jobs while the cake slowly cooks. As a consequence, it is an incredibly convenient method.

The apple filling tastes marvelous, especially because cinnamon and muscovado sugar are used to season it. Even if you do not have a slow cooker, you can still give this recipe a try. As the recipe states, this cake can also be baked in an oven. 

15. Oreo Dump Cake From TBSP 

Last but not least, who doesn’t love an Orea? If you are an admirer of all things sweet, this dessert will be ideal for you. It combines chocolate Oreos, chocolate chips, whipped topping, and fudge cake mix to make a scrumptious dish.

This cake will be especially ideal for kids and birthday parties due to its extreme sweetness. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between A Dump Cake And A Cobbler?

These cakes are very conceptually similar. A cobbler is traditionally made with a fruity filling poured into a dish and then topped with a biscuit layer. The filling is usually sweet, though on rare occasions it can be savory.

As a result, they are made in a similar way to a dump cake. 

The main difference is that dump cakes will use a cake mixture as a topping, while cobblers use a biscuit or a pie crust. 

Why Is It Called A Dump Cake?

Though “dump cake” may not be the most appetizing of names, it is nonetheless very accurate. To make this cake, the filling is “dumped” into a cake tin before being covered with a topping and cooked. 

Do You Need To Refrigerate Dump Cakes?

Yes, in most cases you will need to put the dump cake in the fridge. You can easily warm it up. It is especially important to do this if the dump cake contains fruit. If it is not put in the fridge, the fruit could go off.

As a general rule, you should keep dump cakes in the fridge unless a recipe tells you otherwise. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to dump cakes, there are lots of different combinations you can try out. Even if you are determined to make a chocolate dump cake, you have lots of flavor options.

For instance, you could combine it with peaches, mint, caramel, coffee, bananas, or cherries to make an incredible dessert. 

Perhaps the main advantage of the dump cake is its simplicity. Not only will you not need to use and clean loads of dishes, but it is extremely straightforward to make.

With any luck, the recipes in this list will have inspired you to make a glorious yet simple chocolate dump cake. 


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