Get Creative In Cooking By Using Butter Instead Of Oil In Brownies

Making brownies is one of the most enjoyable kitchen activities. Not only does it result in delicious, addictive, and moreish snacks, but it is also highly rewarding and enjoyable in and of itself.

It can be a great way to get the kids involved in the kitchen to teach them crucial decision-making skills, and there are so many cool and exciting recipes out there that you can follow, which make use of different ingredients and inspirations.

However, with so much room for variation, in terms of flavors and ingredients, it begs the question of whether you can switch out the essential ingredients, such as eggs, for other ingredients.

Butter Instead Of Oil In Brownies

Oftentimes, many of us set out to make brownies, and suddenly find that we’re missing out on ingredients! The most commonly forgotten ingredient is oil. 

You’re probably reading this now because you’re wondering if there are any products you can substitute for oil so that you can continue heading towards your dream brownies.

Can you replace oil with butter? Let’s find out so that you can reach chocolate heaven, and enjoy those tasty brownies you’ve been craving.

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Can I Use Butter Instead Of Oil In Brownies?

You definitely can substitute butter for oil when making brownies. Butter naturally has a high oil content, and thus makes for a perfect alternative.

You should aim to have unflavored and unsalted butter in place of the oil so that the flavor of the brownies is not altered too much.

However, if you did want to make your brownies slightly more salty in taste, then it would be perfectly fine to use salted butter. 

How Do You Use Butter Instead Of Oil To Make Brownies?

If you plan to use butter instead of oil in your brownie recipe, make sure to aim to have the same quantity of butter as you should have of oil.

Then, simply melt the butter down, until it takes on a liquid form. From there, after cooling it slightly, you can use it however you need it. 

Butter makes for a great alternative to oil because it helps to make your brownies more moist and pleasant in the mouth, by allowing them to melt on your tongue. This makes every bite much more amazing than the last! 

Is Butter Healthier Than Oil?

Although you definitely can substitute butter in the place of oil, you should generally try to only substitute them if you are completely without the oil you need.

Though butter can help to make brownies softer, it is also an incredibly unhealthy alternative.

Butter may have the same caloric content as a standard oil, but it is also much higher in saturated fats, which are linked to higher blood pressure and higher cholesterol, which can lead to disastrous consequences, such as heart disease or heart attacks. 

Oils may have a similar amount of fats in them, but these fats are better for your gut health and are far less likely to clog up arteries. Thus, you should not aim to always make your brownies with butter instead of oil, to avoid these risks.

If you do choose to make brownies with butter instead of oil, be sure to exercise moderation so that you don’t consume too many and increase your risk of heart attacks.

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What Else Can you Substitute For Oil In Brownies? 

If you find that you don’t want to use oil in your brownie recipe, or you just find that you’re running low, there are plenty of other options outside of butter that you could try out. 

Ordinary brownie recipes often employ the use of vegetable oils, so that there is little flavor from the oils seeping into the brownies themselves.

If you are running low on vegetable oil, but do have plenty of other oils to use, then you can also put them to good use. Canola, olive, and avocado oil all make for great vegetable oil substitutes.

Avocado oil is noted for its health benefits, canola oil has a very neutral flavor profile, and olive oil can add an interesting but satisfying flavor. 

However, when using any other type of oil to make brownies, you must ensure that those oils do not have too intense of a flavor, which could spoil the pleasant tastes of your brownies. 

Similar to butter, you can also make use of yogurt as an oil alternative to help make your brownies. This might come as somewhat of a surprise to you, but it’s true.

Using yogurt to help create brownies can lead to really creamy, moist, and intensely pleasant brownies.

Again, you should aim to use plain yogurt, to keep the focus on the chocolate flavor of the brownies, but if you did want to add a flavorsome twist, you could well use a flavored yogurt, to infuse some extra flavor into your brownie recipe!

Can I Use Butter Instead Of Oil In Brownies

To Finish

There are lots of solutions out there to help with the problem of forgotten ingredients when it comes to baking.

It can be very frustrating to forget something as essential as oil, but there are plenty of alternatives that you can use instead.

Of course, included within these alternatives is butter. Using butter works very effectively, thanks to its high oil content, but it does have a significantly higher level of saturated fats, and thus has a higher risk of developing high cholesterol. 

You can also make use of other oils, such as olive, canola, or avocado oil, as they function very much the same, but may imbue the brownies with a slightly different flavor.

And other dairy products, such as yogurts, for a solution with a lower fat content. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Brownies Better With Oil Or Butter?

Both offer very similar taste and texture experiences when it comes to the final product. However, using butter in brownies is far more unhealthy, and can lead to increased risk for heart disease, thanks to the high cholesterol content in butter.

Thus, it is generally recommended to use oil when making brownies, for the benefit of your health. 

How Do I Stop My Brownies Going Greasy?

Brownies tend to go greasy when the fat separates itself from the batter, which can lead to the grease separating and surrounding the brownies.

If you want to help reduce the risk of your brownies becoming greasy, you should aim to add in a little bit more milk, to act as a binding agent, to bring the elements back together. 

What Happens If You Add An Extra Egg To Brownie Mix? 

Adding an extra egg to your brownie mix would actually cause your brownies to be less fudge-like, and a bit more comparable to a standard cake.

The whites of the egg cause the batter to be a bit thicker, and to bake better, which causes the brownies to take on a more cakey appearance. 


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