15 Best & Distinctive Braided Bread Recipes To Try Once

Quick Answer: What Do Braided Bread Taste Like?

If you’re looking for something to make your breakfast routine a little more interesting, give this bread a try. The braided bread is made with a mixture of flour, water, and yeast. It tastes like a warm, sweet, yeasty bread with a delicate crunch and like cinnamon and honey.

I remember being in school and as a fun way to end our food preparing class sessions of the year, was by making our own braided bread!

The recipe was simple and the fun part was the braiding of the bread which felt nothing like braiding hair but was still heaps of fun nonetheless.

We are so excited to show you 15 outstanding braided bread recipes to try out that can be altered to suit your own preferences!

Adding a touch of sweetness or savory herbs to your recipes can be what sets yours apart as special so we hope you can find a recipe in this list to suit you.

Quick Table: Braided Bread Recipes

RecipeCalories (Per Serving)Total Preparation Time
Chocolate Braided Swirl Bread3101 Hr 10 Min
Cinnamon Crunch Braided Brioche Bread39614 Hr 25 Min
Braided / Plaited Load Recipe30235 Min
Challah, Braided Egg Bread46902 Hr
Braided Pesto Bread Recipe2363 Hr 10 Min
Braided Lemon and Cream Cheese Bread Recipe1402 Hr 50 Min
Braided Pizza Bread10751 Hr
Brown Butter Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread2642 Hr 10 Min
Woven Chocolate Cinnamon Bread3701 Hr 20 Min
The Hirshon Ultimate Jewish Chocolate Chestnut BabkaN/A3 Hr 10 Min
Blueberry Cream Cheese Babka3544 Hr 10 Min
Braided Easter Bread1603 Hr 10 Min
Zopf Braided Bread1792 Hr 5 Min
Braided Bread with Sun-Dried Tomato Walnut PestoN/A2 Hr 20 Min
Raspberry and Pistachio Wreath Recipe2403 Hr

15 Best & Distinctive Braided Bread Recipes To Try Once

15 Best & Distinctive Braided Bread Recipes To Try Once

If you’re looking for something to make your breakfast routine a little more interesting, give this bread a try. The braided bread is made with a mixture of flour, water, and yeast. It tastes like a warm, sweet, yeasty bread with a delicate crunch and like cinnamon and honey.


  • Chocolate Braided Swirl Bread
  • Cinnamon Crunch Braided Brioche Bread
  • Braided / Plaited Load Recipe
  • Challah, Braided Egg Bread
  • Braided Pesto Bread Recipe
  • Braided Lemon and Cream Cheese Bread Recipe
  • Braided Pizza Bread
  • Brown Butter Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread
  • Woven Chocolate Cinnamon Bread
  • The Hirshon Ultimate Jewish Chocolate Chestnut Babka
  • Blueberry Cream Cheese Babka
  • Braided Easter Bread
  • Zopf Braided Bread
  • Braided Bread with Sun-Dried Tomato Walnut Pesto
  • Raspberry and Pistachio Wreath Recipe

1. Chocolate Braided Swirl Bread (Babka) Recipe – Tasty

Tasty has a recipe worthy of the gods above for you to try, and as far as bread recipes go, this one is on the easier side so it’s fantastic for a beginner looking to spice things up a bit.

The chocolate sauce has been melted to perfection with brown sugar, coffee, butter, and luxuriously rich chocolate.

And once you’ve kneaded your dough and let it sit for 2 hours, you want to divide the dough in half and spread this divine chocolate mixture onto the rolled-out dough. Then simply braid, and you’ll have yourself an outstandingly beautiful braided bread loaf.

Calories Per Serving: 310

Preparation Time: 1 Hr 10 Min

2. Cinnamon Crunch Braided Brioche Bread – Half Baked Harvest

The beauty in Brioche bread is that the result is crispy doughy goodness that no one can resist the temptation for!

It’s the type of bread that has been sweetened to perfection and is outstanding for its evenly distributed sugary sweet flavors in the dough itself as well as on the finishing product.

It’s almost like a doughnut-braided bread combination and the cinnamon gives it that wow factor that you just can’t find elsewhere.

Calories Per Serving: 396

Preparation Time: 14 Hr 25 Min

3. Braided / Plaited Load Recipe And Video – Sandhya’s Kitchen

This artisan-style bread will be your go-to bread from the moment you first bake it, so don’t waste any time and try it for yourself today!

It’s also makes for the perfect breakfast food when paired with a homemade jam or custard topping!

The outside of the loaf is crispy but the inside is soft and light so you can truly serve this bread any time of the day or for any occasion, depending on the sauces and jams you want to use!

Calories Per Serving: 302

Preparation Time: 35 Min

4. Challah, Braided Egg Bread – The Recipe Website

This traditional Jewish bread is so similar to brioche bread, except it’s been baked with extra eggs for a more plump dough.

You’ll need lukewarm water, dried yeast, sugar, all-purpose flour, salt, eggs, vegetable oil, and extra egg yolks to make this bread, but it is 100% worth the effort!

Calories Per Serving: 4690

Preparation Time: 2 Hr

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5. Braided Pesto Bread Recipe – Tablespoon.com

The great thing about braided bread is that it can be savory or sweet, you just have to decide which is your preference!

This bread is more on the savory side with a pesto-infused dough that has been braided beautifully. The total preparation and baking time is 3 hours and 10 minutes which if you go by usual bread recipes, is rather good timing when compared!

All you need is a little patience and you can try out the best savory loaf recipe available.

Calories Per Serving: 236

Preparation Time: 3 Hr 10 Min

6. Braided Lemon And Cream Cheese Bread Recipe – Tablespoon.com

Another savory braided bread recipe is coming your way and can be yours within one lengthy afternoon! This recipe entails using lemon and cream cheese for the flavors in the dough before braiding the bread and they compliment each other beautifully!

The ingredients list is rather simple and the result is just outstanding, it can be served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner easily as a side dish or as the main meal.

Calories Per Serving: 140

Preparation Time: 2 Hr 50 Min

7. Braided Pizza Bread – Tastemade

Pizza bread is a fantastically made creation that I think we can all agree is a national favorite when it comes to comfort foods!

It’s everything you want in a pizza and bread, in one! And what’s special about this bread is that it has been braided around the pizza topping flavors so you can enjoy it as an evening meal or movie night snack.

The ingredients list is pretty simple and easy to follow so don’t miss out on a comfort food-inspired braided bread recipe that could be perfect for you.

Calories Per Serving: 1075

Preparation Time: 1 Hr

8. Brown Butter Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread – Deliciously Yum

Pull-apart bread is a fantastic idea for sharing with friends or loved ones, they’re not only easy to prepare and make but also easy to share as you pull-apart the desired amount.

The flavors in this particular braided pull-apart bread are brown sugary goodness with hints of cinnamon for a Christmassy loaf. It also makes a great thanksgiving dinner party table appetizer for all the family to enjoy as it’s designed to get stuck into.

Calories Per Serving: 264

Preparation Time: 2 Hr 10 Min

9. Woven Chocolate Cinnamon Bread – Adventures In Cooking

This woven chocolate cinnamon bread is designed to be served for one and we couldn’t agree more!

It may take a few tries to get perfect but it’s so worth the time as you get outstandingly well-made cinnamon and chocolate braided bread that takes you straight to the heart of the streets of Paris!

It won’t take much more for you to be able to almost feel the wind on your face as you imagine gazing into a world-class bakery full of the same bread you’ve just made.

Calories Per Serving: 370

Preparation Time: 1 Hr 20 Min

10. The Hirshon Ultimate Jewish Chocolate Chestnut Babka – The Food Dictator

We love a loaf of braided bread that has had as much thought and effort put into it as you’d expect from something so divine.

This Jewish chocolate chestnut Babka bread is the plumpest loaf we’ve ever seen and we’re having trouble resisting just looking at it, let alone stopping ourselves from making it disappear in one sitting!

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Preparation Time: 3 Hr 10 Min

11. Blueberry Cream Cheese Babka – The Marble Kitchen

We just can’t get enough of berry and chocolate-filled braided bread, and this blueberry and cream cheese Babka bread is no exception!

Berries compliment bread recipes well, however because of their density, do be careful how many berries you include in the recipe!

They may recommend a certain amount but it all depends on your oven levels and the size of your oven. You don’t want soggy bread!

Calories Per Serving: 354

Preparation Time: 4 Hr 10 Min

12. Braided Easter Bread – Sonik’s Kitchen

We guarantee that this braided Easter bread will be perfect for any Easter celebrations or parties you attend this year!

Kids love anything themed around eggs and chocolate during easter and this recipe uses mini eggs for the toppings on the bread to make it fun and interactive for young children.

This may encourage them to try something new which we know with children can be a challenge.

Calories Per Serving: 160

Preparation Time: 3 Hr 10 Min

13. Zopf Braided Bread (Typical Swiss Bread, Vegan Version) – Fabs Good Food

We couldn’t make a list of outstanding braided bread recipes without including spectacular swiss and vegan bread, could we?

So, for the vegans out there, or someone interested in trying a bread without the use of any animal products, this braided breaded is perfect for you!

It’s impeccably sweet and the braided braid is so beautifully constructed you’ll have so much fun making it for yourself!

Calories Per Serving: 179

Preparation Time: 2 Hr 5 Min

14. Braided Bread With Sun-Dried Tomato Walnut Pesto (v) – Fabs Good Food

Savory and sweet fillings go beautifully inside braided bread recipes and this recipe is just outstanding in our books!

Sun-dried tomatoes and walnut pesto have been combined in this loaf to let you enjoy a meal-time-worthy bread on the side or as the main dish!

Feel free to share it with your loved ones too as it’s great for sharing.

Calories Per Serving: N/A

Preparation Time: 2 Hr 20 Min

15. Raspberry And Pistachio Wreath Recipe – Rainbow Nourishments

It will be hard not to impress your friends with this raspberry and pistachio wreath recipe by Rainbow Nourishments!

It just looks outstandingly beautiful in appearance and it almost looks too good to eat!

It’s perfect for Christmas as it has been designed as a Christmas wreath and the braids are so easy to follow and recreate!

Bring it along to any family gathering for a special evening with your loved ones.

Calories Per Serving: 240

Preparation Time: 3 Hr

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve found the perfect braided bread recipe in our 15 most outstanding braided bread recipes list!

We are certain there is a loaf for everyone in this article as we’ve been through the sweet loaves, the savory loaves, and the vegan loaves to find something to suit everyone.

And if you really cannot decide which is your favorite, then choose them all! They all make for great gifts and dinner party selections so you cannot go wrong with any of these recipes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do I Bake Braided Bread For?

You need to make sure you set your braided bread aside to rise before baking and once it is in the oven, let it bake for 35-40 minutes at roughly 350 Degrees Fahrenheit.

The dough must be left to double in size for baking so if you forget how long it’s been, go by this approximate method.

How Do You Clean Braided Bread Before Baking?

To achieve that glossy brown finish you want with freshly baked bread, make sure to brush the braided bread with an egg wash made from 1 beaten egg with a teaspoon of cold water.

Be sure to cover the entire loaf with this mixture so it doesn’t burn or crisp up on the outside too much.

What Are Braided Bread Called?

Braided bread is often served at breakfast and can be sweet or savory. The bread itself is made of flour, water, yeast, sugar, and salt. The dough is kneaded, formed into a loaf, and allowed to rise. After the dough is punched down and shaped, it is often divided into sections and braided.


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