14 Outstanding Cranberry Pumpkin Pie Recipes

Pumpkin pies are an American classic. Made during the fall and winter, it is great for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Though this dessert is incredibly delicious, it can become a bit boring if you have it all the time. 

To avoid this, you can add cranberries to a pumpkin pie in order to spice it up. These cranberries will enhance the flavor of a pie, adding a tasty taste to it. These cranberries will perfectly supplement the pumpkin, creating a lovely taste combination.

However, finding good recipes that add cranberries to pumpkin pie. To hello you, we have located some of the best recipes available. 

1. Cranberry-Glazed Pumpkin Pie from Food & Wine

The first recipe on our list is this amazing cranberry-glazed pumpkin pie. If you are looking for a show-stopping dessert that will impress all of your friends and family, look no further. This pie does not just look stunning, but it also has lots of flavors.

The cranberry glaze tastes great with the pumpkin filling. Plus, it adds a splash of red color to this dessert. The glaze is made from frozen cranberries, adding to the convenience of the dish. What’s more, the pie can be elegantly adorned with walnuts. 

2. Cranberry-Pumpkin Praline Pie from Taste of Home

Secondly, this recipe adds praline to the mix. This gives the dessert a nutty taste that perfectly suits the pie. It also has a somewhat fresh and fruity flavor as a result of the orange zest. Moreover, the pie has a rich taste largely due to the cream cheese.

Its texture is quite crunchy due to the nuts. This sets it apart from other pumpkin pies, which are more smooth in texture. This dessert will not only taste outstanding but will also look stunning. This will thoroughly impress all of the people you know. 

3. Pumpkin and Cranberry Pie from Cuisine Fiend

If you are looking for a sweet dessert, this pumpkin and cranberry pie will be ideal for you. This classic has been given a makeover thanks to the addition of cranberries. This layer adds a unique taste to the pie.

Thus, it is ideal for the festive period. The pumpkin layer is also delectable thanks to the involvement of cinnamon and ginger.

These spices complement the pumpkin perfectly. When serving this indulgent dessert, plate it alongside ice cream or cream for additional sweetness. 

4. Cran Orange Pumpkin Pie from Rachel Ray in Season 

This pumpkin and cranberry pie has a zesty twist. These fruits work really well together, creating a unique and divine flavor. The orange zest topping makes this pie look very sophisticated, particularly when whipped cream is added to the mix.

Give this fruity dessert a shot if you adore oranges and other citrus fruits.

Moreover, another benefit of this recipe is that it is incredibly easy to follow. Consequently, you will not need to spend loads of time creating this pie. 

5. Best Pumpkin Pie With Cranberry Caramel Topper from Better Homes & Gardens

Next, if you are looking for an indulgent dessert, here is the best recipe for you. The cranberry-pecan caramel topper has a beautiful appearance and tastes great. It makes the pie taste a little sweeter and richer.

The inclusion of a handful of spices, such as nutmeg and ginger, causes the pie to have an inviting taste. The pie will be able to serve 8 people, meaning that plenty of people can enjoy it.

If you are making a dessert for a dinner party or a family, this pumpkin pie will be incredible. 

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6. Pumpkin Cranberry Hand Pies from Hungry Enough To Eat Six

If you are looking for a pumpkin and cranberry pie recipe that is a little different from the conventional models, this may be the right one for you. Instead of merely having a pie crust, these pies completely encase the filling.

As a result, they are easier to take with you wherever you go. For instance, they can be taken to work as a sweet snack.

Because of this, these desserts are more akin to a pasty than a pie. Yet, their cranberry and pumpkin fillings taste truly sublime. Plus, the crimped pie edges look aesthetically pleasing. 

7. Cranberry & Walnut Pumpkin Pie from Mix and Match Mama

Adding textural elements to a pie can make it feel more interesting in your mouth. Plus, it can improve the taste. In this pie, this effect is achieved through the addition of walnuts. These walnuts not only add a more crunchy texture but also instill a nutty taste.

These walnuts work perfectly alongside white chocolate chips and dried cranberries to improve this pumpkin pie. Due to this, the sweet treat can be considered an upgrade from more basic pumpkin pies.

8. Cranberry Pecan Pumpkin Tart from Good Life Eats

While the pumpkin filling of this pie is pretty traditional, what sets it apart is its luscious cranberry and pecan topping. This topping adds to the aesthetic value of the pie, resulting in it being a beautiful dessert.

This topping also adds bold colors to the pie. Additionally, the topping will also make the pie more flavorful. This nifty recipe also comes with some helpful notes and product recommendations.

This information will be especially useful for people who do not bake regularly, thereby making their baking experience much smoother. 

9. Homemade Pumpkin Pie with Cranberries from Eat Smarter

Next, if you are looking for a healthier version of the pumpkin pie, this recipe from Eat Smarter will be right up your alley. As the recipe states, there is some nutritional value from both the cranberries and pumpkin.

In fact, a slice of this dessert only contains 280 calories, which is lower than other versions of this pie. The recipe comes with handy nutritional information, resulting in this recipe being brilliant for people who are concerned about their health.

Not to mention, the cranberry garnish on top of the pie will look graceful. 

10. Pear and Cranberry Pumpkin Pie from Relish 

Do you love poached pears? If yes, we encourage you to try this awesome recipe. It uses poached pears and cranberries to top a traditional pumpkin pie. Therefore, this is an inventive twist on a classic dessert.

You can place the pears atop the pie decoratively, transforming this into a magnificent dessert that will impress everyone who sees it.

The cornmeal butter crust is very simple to make. Plus, it is worth putting in a little extra time to make this delicious homemade crust. 

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11. Pumpkin, Pecan, Apple Cranberry Gluten-Free Pie from Edible Delmarva 

This recipe not only contains pumpkin and cranberries, but it also makes the innovative decision to combine them with apple and pecan. The recipe is also gluten-free, meaning that it is more inclusive than others.

Even if you suffer from coeliac disease, you do not need to miss out on this iconic dessert. The dish is full of flavor, which is achieved through lemon juice, vanilla extract, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

If you desire a dessert that is more than just a standard pumpkin pie, this one will be perfect for you.

12. Mini Vegan Pumpkin Pies with Frosted Cranberries from Well Vegan

Let’s face it, locating vegan dessert recipes can sometimes be a nightmare. Thankfully, you can make a vegan pumpkin pie thanks to this wonderful recipe. Elegantly adorned with frosted cranberries, this pie will be perfect for Thanksgiving.

The leaves made of pie crust also look stunning, resulting in this being one of the most beautiful pumpkin pies we have ever seen. Plus, their small sizing makes the pies look more manageable and cute.

If you are in need of a vegan pie that looks amazing, look no further. 

13. 6-Inch Pumpkin Pie with Cranberry Whipped Cream from Butter and Bliss

Second to last, this pie is certainly eye-catching. The cranberry whipped cream will not only taste heavenly, but its pink coloring is really distinctive. Because of this, it is sure to appeal to your kids.

If you live with young children, you may want to consider this pie recipe. The pie itself is made from pumpkin and loads of warm spices. This pumpkin filling will combine exquisitely with the cranberry whipped cream. 

14. Deep-Dish Pumpkin Pie with Cranberry Marmalade Recipe from iHaveNet.com

Finally, this recipe sets out to make a version of the pumpkin pie that can be loved by everyone. The recipe manages to achieve this lofty goal by adding cranberry marmalade.

This marmalade is straightforward and speedy to make, meaning that you do not need to waste loads of time on it. Furthermore, it will mix with the pie filling really well. Overall, if you are looking for a more complex pumpkin pie, you have come to the right place. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pumpkin Pie Eaten In The UK? 

While pumpkin pie is a popular dessert, it is not very commonly consumed in the United Kingdom. Pumpkin itself is not eaten very regularly. Even during the Halloween season, pumpkins are used mainly for decoration and are not used in cooking. In fact, a lot of Brits are unaware of how to cook this fruit. 

Since most people do not celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK, pumpkin pie is not even eaten in the UK during this holiday. Instead, other pies are more popular in the UK. Savory pies, such as pork pies, are often baked. 

What Is The Biggest Pumpkin Pie Ever Made? 

The record for the biggest pumpkin pie was set quite a while ago. In September 2010, the Guinness World Records recognized the largest pumpkin pie. This pie was made by the New Bremen Giant Pumpkin Growers, an organization in the United States.

The pie weighed an impressive 1,678 kg and was 6 m in diameter. As you can imagine, a lot of pumpkins were needed to make this colossal pumpkin pie. Even the biggest lovers of this dessert would struggle to get through this massive pie!

Is Pumpkin Pie Good For You?

Though it is a dessert, pumpkin pie is healthier than other sweet foods. It tends to be high in vitamins A and C, due to the pumpkin filling. Vitamin A is good for eyesight and growth.

Meanwhile, vitamin C is excellent for body tissues and will help to prevent certain diseases. Aside from this, pumpkin pie is also rich in iron and potassium. 

Of course, you should only consume pumpkin pie as part of a balanced diet. Pumpkin pies can be quite high in calories and fat.

Therefore, you should only consume pumpkin pie in moderation. Portions should be modest and they should be reserved as an occasional treat. 

Final Thoughts

Adding cranberry to this American classic can enhance the pumpkin pie, transforming it from a nice dessert to a gorgeous one. Of course, there are lots of different ways of adding these cranberries.

It can be added to the pie directly or reserved as a decorative topping. With any luck, the 14 recipes above will have inspired you to bake an impressive cranberry pumpkin pie. 


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