10 Outstanding Ube Cake Recipes To Try Out Once

The ube cake looks very impressive and stunning. Because of this, it will prove to be an incredible centerpiece at a dinner party or event. This outstanding ube cake recipes are identifiable due to its bright and eye-catching color.

It gets this distinctive hue due to the presence of ube halaya, a purple yam that is used quite frequently in baking. 

If you are interested in making this cake, it will make for an amazing post on social media. It looks elegant and can be lavishly decorated. The ube cake will taste of nuts and vanilla.

Traditionally, they are usually frosted with icing that is flavored with coconut. The cake itself is very light since it is a variety of chiffon (a cake made with beaten eggs). 

To help you to make the ube cake, we have found the best recipes out there. We urge you to give this dessert a try if you are a fan of baking. 

Quick Table: 10 Outstanding Ube Cake Recipes

RecipeCalories (Per Serving)Total Preparation Time
Filipino Purple Yam Cake2201 Hr
Ube Cake Roll From Woman Scribbles28047 Min
Purple Yam Cake2201 Hr
Ube Cupcakes With Ube Swiss Meringue Buttercream21350 Min
Gluten-Free Ube Angel Food Cake5003 Hrs 40 Min
Ube Cake With Vanilla Marshmallow Cream352 Hr
Vegan Ube Flan Cake5301 Hr
Ube Cake With Strawberry Buttercream2482 Hrs 15 Min
Ube Layer Cake2202 Hrs 15 Min
Coconut Cookie Crust And Coconut Whipped Cream277 9 Hrs 15 Min

10 Outstanding Ube Cake Recipes To Try Out Once

10 Outstanding Ube Cake Recipes To Try Out Once

Ube cake is a Filipino sweet that has a unique taste. It has a strong, nutty flavor with a hint of sweetness. It is usually served as a dessert, and it can be made with different types of flour, but it is traditionally made with ground ube beans. The cake has a soft, spongy texture that is both sweet and slightly tart. It is typically enjoyed by dipping it in hot chocolate.


  • Filipino Purple Yam Cake
  • Ube Cake Roll From Woman Scribbles
  • Purple Yam Cake
  • Ube Cupcakes With Ube Swiss Meringue Buttercream
  • Gluten-Free Ube Angel Food Cake
  • Ube Cake With Vanilla Marshmallow Cream
  • Vegan Ube Flan Cake
  • Ube Cake With Strawberry Buttercream
  • Ube Layer Cake
  • Coconut Cookie Crust And Coconut Whipped Cream

1. Ube Cake (Filipino Purple Yam Cake) From The Unlikely Baker

Firstly, this recipe will help you to make a traditional version of the ube cake. If you wish to make this unique cake, this recipe will help you to make a perfect dessert. Instead of using ube itself, this cake gets the flavor from ube extract.

This ingredient is much more accessible. For instance, you can try this wonderful product

The recipe also has lots of information about the cake, explaining its connection to Christmas. Because of this, you may want to make the Ube cake once you reach the festive period. 

Calories Per Serving: 220

Preparation Time: 1 Hr

2. Ube Cake Roll From Woman Scribbles

If you want to divert from more traditional ube cake recipes, you may want to give this ube roll a shot. Instead of being baked in a standard circular cake tin, this ube cake is made in a rectangular cake tin.

This will result in a flat cake that can be rolled up, making it visually distinguishable from other ube cakes. 

This cake looks really spectacular and is an excellent method of showing off your baking skills. It also tastes delicious and is filled with ube whipped cream. If you are a lover of whipped cream, you may want to give this delectable cake a try. 

Calories Per Serving: 280

Preparation Time: 47 Min

3. Ube Cake Recipe (Purple Yam Cake) From Leelalicious 

Next, this recipe gives some excellent decoration inspiration. The cook looks stunning, with violet-colored frosting that has been piped in the form of a flower.

This ube buttercream icing will taste divine when combined with the cake. If you are looking to impress your guests, look no further. 

The instructions are delivered both in written form and via an instructional video. This means that you have a choice as to how you would like to receive this information. Consequently, you can decide the method that suits you best.

Calories Per Serving: 220

Preparation Time: 1 Hr

4. Ube Cupcakes With Ube Swiss Meringue Buttercream From Woman Scribbles

If you do not want to make a standard cake, you may instead be interested in this cupcake recipe. The icing is full of flavor, using a sublime meringue buttercream of Swiss origins. This perfectly matches the cupcakes since both are extremely light. 

As the second recipe from Woman Scribbles, you can tell that this baking website makes innovative and unique baking recipes. Thus, you can trust the quality of this ube cake recipe. 

Calories Per Serving: 213

Preparation Time: 50 Min

5. Gluten-Free Ube Angel Food Cake From Sisters Sans Gluten

If you suffer from coeliac disease, you may be interested in making this gluten-free version of the ube cake. Made to be gluten-free, you can still enjoy this cake without suffering from stomach aches.

As a website dedicated to gluten-free baking, you can trust the quality of this recipe. Their recipes are packed with flavor, despite being free from gluten. 

To avoid consuming gluten, this recipe uses gluten-free flour in which xanthan gum has been added. The cake remains light and airy.

Calories Per Serving: 500

Preparation Time: 3 Hrs 40 Min

6. Ube Cake With Vanilla Marshmallow Cream From Feedfeed

Are you looking for a cake to make in the springtime? The luscious coloring of the cake makes it perfect for a spot of springtime baking. The vanilla marshmallow cream suits the cake perfectly.

If you are looking for a more modern take on this classic Filipino dessert, we urge you to try it out. 

It ensures that the filling is fluffy and light. The vanilla flavor pairs nicely with the ube cake. The cake is full of flavor without being too overpowering. 

Calories Per Serving: 35

Preparation Time: 2 Hr

7. Vegan Ube Flan Cake From Floured Fame

When trying to lead a vegan diet, it can be hard to avoid foods that do not contain any animal products. This can mean that you sometimes miss out on some mouth-watering foods.

Luckily, there are vegan ube cake recipes out there for you. This is a brilliant example of a vegan ube cake that is suitable both for vegans and non-vegans. 

The cake does not include any animal products. Instead of cow milk, it is recommended that you use a non-dairy type of milk, such as soy. The recipe also makes adjustments so that eggs are not featured. 

What also sets the cake apart is the inclusion of a Leche flan. Consequently, the cake looks incredibly luxurious. It also contains caramel, which will entice people who are a fan of this sweet substance. 

Calories Per Serving: 530

Preparation Time: 1 Hr

8. Ube Cake With Strawberry Buttercream And Matcha Buttercream Layers

How do you make an ube cake even more decadent? You add strawberries, matcha, chocolate, and confetti.

Though this recipe is a little more complicated than the others, it is worth it if you are aiming to make a sophisticated dessert. Not only will it taste scrumptious, but its aesthetic will be beautiful. 

In fact, you do not have to make all of the different types of icing. You can choose between the brilliant recipes for strawberry buttercream, matcha buttercream, and chocolate ganache.

Though all of these icings taste amazing and will complement the cake, you may not have time to make them all. Consequently, you can choose the one that appeals most to you. The high level of options makes the cake very customizable. 

Calories Per Serving: 248

Preparation Time: 2 Hrs 15 Min

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9. Ube Layer Cake From Hummingbird High 

The penultimate cake on our list is from Hummingbird High. The pretty as a picture cake has utilized edible gold leaf. This results in it appearing super luxurious. In fact, the cake looks as though it is a million dollars.

It also has 4 layers! This will look extremely imposing. Plus, it means that you have plenty of cake to share with your friends or family members. 

Calories Per Serving: 220

Preparation Time: 2 Hrs 15 Min

10. Ube Cheesecake With Coconut Cookie Crust And Coconut Whipped Cream From The Unlikely Baker

Another recipe from The Unlikely Baker, this delicious treat is not a standard ube cake. Instead, it is a magnificent cheesecake. If you are looking for a recipe that varies from the standard ube cake, we thoroughly recommend this recipe. 

The coconut and cookie crust has a delectable crunchy texture. The flavors from this base will work perfectly in harmony with the coconut-like taste of the ube cheesecake. You can pair it with cream or ice cream to create a heavenly dessert.

This recipe gives lots of helpful advice, making it easy to follow for even the most inexperienced bakers. 

Calories Per Serving: 277

Preparation Time: 9 Hrs 15 Min

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an impressive cake, you cannot go wrong with the ube. It has a very visually appealing aesthetic that is hot seen elsewhere in baking. Its purple color is hard to create naturally with other ingredients. 

If you make this cake for friends and family to try, they will likely be stunned by your exceptional skill. Despite how impressive the ube cake looks, they are actually quite similar to make.

Akin to other cakes, the recipes on this list are not overly complicated. This means that almost anyone can try these appetizing cakes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Ube And Taro The Same Thing?

No, though ube and taro are similar they are not the same. They look very similar on the outside due to their similar-looking skins. However, you can tell the difference between these two plants once you cut into them.

While the ube has an iconic purple/ lavender color inside, the taro is more beige. The beige center of the taro tends to be flecked with purple, potentially leading to more confusion. 

In addition, they can be differentiated by their flavors. The ube is used in desserts because of its sweet taste. Aside from the ube cake, it may also be used to flavor ice creams.

Meanwhile, taro is more savory. Consequently, it is often eaten as a replacement for potatoes or chips. 

What Does Ube Look Like?

An ube looks very similar to yams, taro, and sweet potato. Hence, the ube is sometimes mistaken for one of these plants. To tell these plants apart, you will need to open the vegetable.

Ubes will be purple on the inside, differentiating them from the vegetables that they are similar to. 

What Does Ube Taste Like?

If you have never tried ube before, it can be described as being creamy and smooth. Its taste is comparable to nuts, vanilla, or coconut. The exact taste will vary between different ubes, though it will likely taste like one of these foods. 


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